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5 Best Selling Foot Massagers [2021]

#1. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Deep Kneading Therapy, Air Compression, Relieve Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Improve Blood Circulation, Fits feet up to Men Size 12- Panel Control

#2. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal Grey

#3. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat pp- Electric Deep Kneading Massage Air Compression – for Circulation, Feet Legs Muscle Relief, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy Chronic Nerve Pain Therapy Spa Gift

#4. MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

#5. Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager For Tired Feet , Legs, Calf , Plantar Fasciitis , Diabetics , Neuropathy |Increases Blood Flow Circulation | w/ Heat Therapy, Deep Kneading by CloudMassage

Final Thoughts

“You may find it weird or crazy,

but let me accommodate you with my poetry,

to make you feel lighter as you read seriously.

Thanks for your time really!”

5 Best Selling Foot Massagers [2021]

Foot massage is a great way to relax and rest,

after a long day full of stress.

It’s a special way to unwind,

better than drinking a liquor? or wine!??

But, having this at any parlor daily

would really be so costly.??

A great alternative for that actually

is to have a foot massager with good quality

that you can use at home anytime quickly!

This can definitely save you money,

yet more time to relax your feet and body.

It can also be the sweetest gift really

for your dearest one?, friends or family!

If your feet are in pain and tingling,

tired because of walking or running,

workout, biking or standing

you’ve got to do something –

Give your best care ever,

treat them with a best selling foot massager

and you can choose from hereunder…

#1. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat, Deep Kneading Therapy, Air Compression, Relieve Foot Pain from Plantar Fasciitis, Improve Blood Circulation, Fits feet up to Men Size 12- Panel Control

RENPHO foot massager has been ergonomically designed for maximum comfort.

It offers a comprehensive and comfortable massage.

It comes with 3 kneading intensities and 3 air pressure levels that can be adjusted to personal preference while the soothing heat function can be controlled independently.

The touch panel of this foot massager is easy to control using your foot.

It has removable washable cloth in the foot chambers that helps keep a clean, healthy environment, plus a foot reflexology chart that shows the acupressure points on the feet soles and their link to organs.

Massage therapy and foot reflexology are both known to help improve circulation around the body, relieve chronic foot pain from plantar fasciitis as well as help with neuropathic foot numbness.

  1. Includes Shiatsu Foot Massager, Wall Power Supply and User Manual
  2. Provides simple, convenient and personal foot massage experience
  3. Adjustable massage intensity
  4. Shiatsu therapy with heat and air pressures
  5. Relaxes not only the feet but the whole body
  6. Like a professional massage experience
  7. Foot reflexology
  8. Replaceable and washable cloth cover
  9. 15/30 minutes timer – utomatically shuts off after 15 or 30 minutes
  10. Additional settings – adjust air compression intensity and optional heat
  11. You can create your own personalized massage program
  12. A perfect gift
  13. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  14. U.S.-based customer service team
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: August 1, 2019 Style: Panel Control; Verified Purchase

“I have neuropathy and that means pain and numbness. It started coming on around 5 years ago and began interfering with my ability to exercise, being comfortable in shoes, being comfortable barefoot and sleep well at night. My partner is a massage therapist and when we began working on my feet every night, I noticed a huge difference – but I felt that it was unfair to ask for a foot massage every night so I did a search here on Amazon and settled on this machine. I’ve had it now for 3 weeks and I use it every day – sometimes 2x a day. My settings are light massage but high pressure. If I use it before sleep, my feet are not bothered by the pressure of the covers. This machine works. Period. Take it slow when getting used to it until you know your best settings. At some point I will upgrade to both remote and tapping. In the mean time, I’m thinking about asking this machine to marry me! Just kidding. Anyway, I am also planning to buy these machines for at least 3 friends this year”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: June 29, 2019; Style: Panel Control; Verified Purchase

“The massager is lightweight. Easy to assemble, just plug in the cord. The touchscreen buttons are a little annoying because it’s hard to get to the mode you want. The massage is decent. The issue I have is the air intensity. If I put medium it’s too light, but if I put high it hurts like stabbing. It’s possible that it’s because my feet are too small. I’m a women’s US 6 and it feels too large for me. But overall it gives me a massage that I would have otherwise not gotten

Overall Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars

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#2. Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal Grey

With this powerful yet portable shiatsu foot massager, you can relieve those tired, and aching feet with no effort while reading your book, watching movie, have a glass of coffee or tea.

It features 5 different pressure settings that target specific pressure points.

It is recommended to use for 15 minutes a day at pressure level 1 with socks to start until you feel comfortable to increase the pressure.

The fully customizable massage preference settings provide you the perfect massage experience.

It has air pressure pads that allow your feet to be fully encased in the massager to reach those tough areas.

Heat feature it presented to loosen those tense muscles and ligaments after being over-used and tired.

Featuring two wireless remotes, this massager helps prevent strain to your back by not having to crouch down to change modes.

The massager is simple to use and easy to control the settings by just clicking the options on the remote.

Customers find  these remotes so convenient and helpful!

  1. Includes Miko Shaitsu Foot Massager, Power Adapter, Wireless Remotes and Manual
  2. Relieves tightness in the pressure points of your feet
  3. Massages the bottom of your feet
  4. Delivers soothing heat
  5. Independent chambers offer a shiatsu massage to bottom and sides of feet
  6. 5 Different adjustable pressure levels
  7. Fits up to size 12
  8. 15 minute auto shut-off
  9. Deep-kneading and soothing natural vibrations
  10. Center control panel with soft-touch buttons
  11. Dial in personalized massage settings – strength, massage type and heat
  12. Independently selectable heat function
  13. Provides gentle warmth to tired muscles
  14. Ultra portable
  15. Easy to clean
  16. Removable washable cloth cover
  17. Standard plug-in power
  18. Compact and can be stored under most standard sofas
  19. Melt your stress and tension away
  20. Promotes efficiency
  21. Allows yourself to relax and rejuvenate
  22. 1 year money-back guarantee
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: June 27, 2019; Verified Purchase

“Best gift EVER!! My friend got me this for my birthday due to a bad foot (2 foot surgeries for Mid-foot fusion). My feet were so tired and sore after all day working, that she figured this would be nice. This product gave me so much relief!! The heat function with the pressure and kneading settings are amazing! You can control exactly what you need with a handy little remote. In fact, it comes with two remotes! I use it almost daily and a wonderful feature is the zip out mesh sock liners. I just hand wash them every so often and they’re simple to zip back in. This keeps the machine fresh and from smelling like ”feet”! This is a great quality product! I have used it for almost a year and it is still going strong! My parents came to visit and they had to try it. My dad loved it so much, that we bought him one for Father’s Day/Birthday! He’s an 80-year-old cattle farmer and he loves it just as much as I do, maybe even more!! If you have sore feet, or even just love a good foot massage…you NEED this!”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: June 30, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I bought this for my mom and she absolutely loves it and uses it daily. I’ve tried and it’s definitely painful to use so I never did again. Maybe mom says it feels best when you use socks so there’s some cushion between the pressure”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.3 out of 5 stars

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#3. Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine with Heat – Electric Deep Kneading Massage Air Compression – for Circulation, Feet Legs Muscle Relief, Plantar Fasciitis, Neuropathy Chronic Nerve Pain Therapy Spa Gift

This foot massager has a Bi-directional Massaging Mode and a Pure Air Compression Mode ( no massaging ).

It is designed to fit the preference of any user or specific massage session, controlled by 2 independent air chambers that cover the entire foot surface.

The air compression function can be used purely by itself as to promote better blood circulation, or together with the diffident massage functions.

Made to mimic the motion of in-person Shiatsu massage experience, this 3D massager combines Shiatsu as one of the mixed massaging techniques, for better distribution of massage effects.

The second massage technique is the rolling and pressing that is used by default with the InvoSpa foot massager and this can be controlled by just pressing the button if you want to change direction.

It comes with 3 different adjustable intensities, the air compression feature can be used together with the Shiatsu and Rolling to make use the ideal massage experience and get the exact amount of pressure you desired.

If you wish to add the heating effect on top of it, you’ll surely have the best massage experience ever!

  1. High end foot massager
  2. Comes with two independent foot chambers
  3. Air pressure applies pressure to all parts of the foot
  4. Adjustable air compression intensity to match your needs
  5. Can be used with or without Shiatsu massage function
  6. With infrared heat function
  7. Relief of chronic nerve pain and plantar fasciitis
  8. Tight muscle relief and tired feet pain
  9. Improves blood circulation
  10. Ease of muscle tension and stress
  11. With an extra 2-meter long cord
  12. Unique modern design
  13. Crafted with supreme durability
  14. Removable and washable feet cover
  15. 3 adjustable intensities
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 17, 2019; Verified Purchase

“This is one of the great foot massager. It gives perfect massage to the feet, thereby removing the pain and tiredness from the body. It is easy to use and also easy to operate. It has the heat feature which is very useful in muscle cramp and pain. The speed and the heat function can be easily regulated with the press of the button. It has a preset time of 15 minutes after that it shuts off automatically. Now I feel fresh, energetic and relaxed after doing the massage using this foot massager for 15 minutes twice a day. Earlier I used to really get tired in the evening when I returned home from work. But now this foot massager came in as a life saver for me. I am glad I bought this massager as I am highly satisfied with its quality and function. This massager is great value to your money as it eliminates the tiredness and makes you energetic so that you can spend more time playing with your kids after your long, stressful and hectic office work”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: August 3, 2019; Verified Purchase

“Ultimately returned because I have huge feet. Anyone over size 12 should review dimensions. The company was great and ultimately I did return but it was a nicely made easy to operate machine”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars

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#4. MedMassager MMF06 11 Speed Foot Massager

Designed for therapeutic and clinical use,  Medmassager is also perfect for home use.

It provides the ultimate massager experience for those who use their feet most of the  time.

Used by doctors and therapists around the world, this massager is an essential tool for stimulating circulation, easing muscle tension and alleviating foot, leg, joint pain and swelling.

This foot massager had been designed at the optimal angle for most comfort while massaging.

It is engineered to exacting standards in an ISO 9000-2001 manufacturing facility and is CSA certified for safety and reliability.

Medmassager has been regarded as the most powerful electric massager in the USA (without a license) with its 11 speed motor control from 1,000rpm to 3,700rpm for maximum comfort and control!

  1. Designed for clinical and home use
  2. Most Powerful electric massager available to the public
  3. Used by Doctors and Therapists
  4. helps stimulate circulation in the feet and legs
  5. Used by patients with diabetes and neuropathy
  6. Promotes healthy blood flow and ease pain
  7. Rugged, reliable construction
  8. Comes with kit for use on harwood and tiled floor
  9. With variable speed
  10. ISO 9000-2001 and FDA certified
  11. The price includes an unprecedented 1-year full replacement against defects and failure
  12. An optional LIFETIME REPLACEMENT is available on the manufacturer’s website
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: May 22, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I love this powerful and effective vibrator! It is extremely effective for drug-free pain relief.

This is the 4th one of these I have purchased. NO. It is NOT because they break a lot. It is because they are so good, I have purchased several over the past few years:

1. One as a gift to my parents.

2. One for myself (which somebody used and begged me to let them buy it from me). She needed it in a hurry and didn’t have time to order one for herself, so I let her buy mine.

3. Then I purchased a replacement for when I sold unit #2 to a friend who begged me to let them have it. I needed it for myself and was glad to get it quickly on Amaon Prime.

4. Then I used mine so very much over a period of years, that it finally died, and so I have now purchased my 4th one. And it is well worth it.

I suffer from inflammatory autoimmune disease, which is super painful. Over the years, I have taken so much pain medication that I ended up damaging my liver and kidneys. The time came when it was medically dangerous to continue taking drugs for pain relief and so I have worked hard to find alternative methods of pain relief. The MedMassager is one of the most effective and I really don’t know what I’d do without it.

I love it so much that I never want to be without it, and I was pleased to find that this company now sells a lifetime warranty that covers it from now on. If anything ever goes wrong with the one I currently have, they will replace it for free. I think it is a bargain. You can’t get this extra warranty on Amazon, though. After delivery, you have to go on the MedMassager website and purchase it directly from them.

This is a super amazing piece of equipment and I highly recommend it to anyone who suffers from chronic pain and stiffness. I couldn’t do without mine”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: December 5, 2018; Verified Purchase

“My wife has severe plantar fasciitis and tarsal tunnel syndrome. She actually feels relief using this foot massager.
My only problem was how it showed up in a box twice its size with hardly any protection stuffed around it to kepp it feom bouncing around in the box. The outside box looked fine but the box the massager comes in was busted and massager was almost out of it. I am very concerned that it may not be as sound as the ones we’ve seen in Costco. Hopefully all the joseling didn’t cause any harm that will show up down the road”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars

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#5. Foot Massage Machine Shiatsu Massager For Tired Feet , Legs, Calf , Plantar Fasciitis , Diabetics , Neuropathy |Increases Blood Flow Circulation | w/ Heat Therapy, Deep Kneading by CloudMassage

Featuring multiple settings for heat, air compression pressure and vibration, this massager provides the perfect massage and relief for your tired feet, calves, toes, ankles, Plantar Fasciitis, Diabetics, and Neuropathy by increasing blood flow.

It has an easily adjustable optimum angle comfort bar, allowing you to sit in a natural position during the massage time.

Every user is encouraged to initially use the lowest setting.

Most afflictions will feel slight soreness after an initial massage after the first few uses which is just normal.

That is also an indication that this machine is effecrive and working.

For Stronger Ankle and Calf Massages, lay the machine flat and use while lying flat in bed, on a mat or on a table level with a couch or chair.

Heat purposely warms up slowly to help open your capillaries.

If you unzip the cover, you will see a red warming bulb when activated!

  1. Medical grade massager
  2. Provides a deep kneading shiatsu massage
  3. Varying levels of pressure
  4. Dual massage
  5. Foot/Calf area is 5″ wide and open toed 11″ long with air pressure cuffs deflated
  6. Initially use the lowest setting
  7. Features an easy adjustable bar
  8. Massages bottom of your feet with pressure and heating to relax and reduce stress
  9. Works on the pressure points in your feet to relieve tightness and soothe tired feet.
  10. Selectable heat function
  11. Applies gentle soothing warmth to feet
  12. Ergonomically sleek appearance
  13. Multiple settings featuring rolling ball massagers, air compression massage and heat stimulates blood flow and increases circulation.
  14. Cloud Massage focuses on quality
  15. Comes with step by step instructions to ensure the optimum massage all the time
  16. 100% no hassle guarantee refund policy
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: January 23, 2019; Verified Purchase

“This massager has changed my life. My feet used to hurt all of the time. Just the simple act of wearing socks caused me significant pain. Doctors have decided that I have some combination of neuropathy and plantar fasciitis.

If I’m sitting still, I couldn’t have socks on or it felt like a boa constrictor around my foot. If I drive somewhere more than a few minutes away, I had to take my shoes off. 5 years ago, I took my kids to Disney World for a week, and by the end of the week, I was in tears. I couldn’t walk with shoes on. Bare feet gave me initial relief, but eventually the pain returned just as bad. 2 years ago, I saw a doctor before going to DW again, and they recommended insoles. I bought them, went to Disney, and had the same problem.

Fast forward to this year, I was desperately searching for ANYTHING that might get me relief. Doing a search for plantar fasciitis relief on Amazon, I came across this massager. I moved on because of the price, trying to find something cheap that might help. Eventually, out of desperation, I gave in and bought the Cloud Massager.

The first night out of the box, I literally ran the 15 minute cycle 4 times in a row. At first it hurt, but in a good way. Within a few nights though, the pain from the massage subsided, and I could tell my feet were responding. A few months later, as I’m writing this review, I’m here to tell you to spend the money. It’s totally worth it. The customer service is tremendous, and the quality of the product is obvious.

I have no plans to go to Disney again any time soon, but if I did, I wouldn’t be worried about my feet!”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: July 5, 2019; Verified Purchase

“You’ll need a towel or padding between your feet and the rotating massage if you use it. Some of the other features are nice. Seems well made except for the handle/stand. That will go the wrong direction and get stuck on the cord if you aren’t careful.

Overall Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars

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Final Thoughts

Foot massage really feels great.

It helps the blood to circulate.

It relaxes not the feet part only,

but extends to the entire body.

This can also assist

to totally release

and completely ease

every tension there is!

If hands are the busiest,

the feet are the kindest –

They take you wherever you want to go,

carry the whole of you,

even the longest time you want them to!

After all the punishment they’ve been getting,

the pains, swelling and sweating,

your feet deserve something…

the best foot massager that you think is featuring

all what you’re looking for, as in everything –

to keep your feet stronger,

healthier and happier,

better than ever!

Well, as per the customer reviews apparently,

no perfect foot massager can please everybody

like any other products but obviously,

most number of people are so thankful and happy

as they found these worth the money!

If you have any questions or need a hand,

please leave them below and then send.

I’ll be happy to assist with the best I can.

You can also share this to every friend,

 looking for one to be used or to be given

to anyone as gift or token.

Thank you and ‘hope you can visit again!