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5 Best Selling Back&Neck Massagers [2021]

#1. Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat – Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Pillow, Electric Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massage, Shoulders, Foot, Legs,Body – Relieve Muscle Pain – Office, Home & Car

#2. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager with Heat & Adjustable Air Compress, Massage Chair Pad for Shoulder Neck and Back Waist Hips,Full Body Pain Relief

#3. Muscle Massage Gun- Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager- Percussion Massager for Trigger Points and Muscle Recovery for High Performance Athletes

#4. Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat, Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage, Massage Chair pad with Height Adjustment, Relieve Muscle Pain for Back Shoulder and Neck AL233

#5. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf – Use at Home and Car, Black, (ZMA-13-BK)

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5 Best Selling Back&Neck Massagers [2021]

Too tired but have no time to relax?

You can now do it to the max!

Bring a back&neck massager at home

that you can easily own.

You can enjoy a massage that’s rejuvenating,

comforting and stress-relieving,

even while you are working,

watching tv or travelling.

If you give yourself a break,

that would really be great.

After all your efforts,

you deserve something that works!

A perfect treat or gift

that you can ever give

for your aching body could be

one of the best selling massagers presently

 that are proven effective by many.

Take a closer look at them now quickly…

#1. Massagers for Neck and Back with Heat – Deep Tissue 3D Kneading Pillow, Electric Shiatsu Back Neck and Shoulder Massage, Shoulders, Foot, Legs,Body – Relieve Muscle Pain – Office, Home & Car

Enjoy a full body and stimulating massage at the convenience of your own home with this back & neck massager which comes with the clever bidirectional kneading nodes that ensures endless comfort and massaging pleasure.

It works all over the body, from neck, shoulder, back, legs and up to toe.

Though this back & neck massager is not cordless, with its portable car and covenient wall power adapter, you can enjoy massage at your office, at home or inside the car.

It comes with a leather carrying bag that will let you carry the massager without any hassle.

It is great for the glutes, calves and feet.

It reduces acute pains that would hinder your every move.

It also relieves neck stiffness, eliminates constant fatigue, soothe aching muscles and promote proper blood circulation.

It comes with 4 buttons for facilitated use.

Depending on your needs, you can adjust the heat to achieve the coziest massage experience of your life.

Choose the right stimulation mode, lay back and relax!

  1. Includes Restech neck and back massager, a leather pouch, a user manual, car adapter and wall AC adapter
  2. Features high-quality leather craftsmanship
  3. Well made and durable
  4. Portable and convenient
  5.  4 buttons for facilitated use
  6. Massages every inch of the body
  7. Great for road trips
  8. Alleviates acute pains and muscle soreness
  9. Provides endless comfort and massaging pleasure
  10. Works all over the body
  11. Perfect gift
  12. With lifetime warranty policy
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: March 21, 2019; Verified Purchase

“After years of chronic neck pain and trying physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage therapy with little lasting benefit, this item finally has me sleeping soundly.

1) You control exactly where it applies pressure and how much pressure it applies, so unlike human massage therapists, it doesn’t move off the spot you need worked, doesn’t push too hard or too soft, and doesn’t get tired from deep kneading.
2) The price is less than one session with a massage therapist (at least around me), so the return on investment is instant. So far I’ve used it upwards of 50 times and it’s still working like new, and each session with it has helped me more than a session with any of the massage therapists I tried, so the cost/benefit ratio is amazing.
3) It’s super versatile: I’ve used it to massage my neck mainly, but also upper back, mid back and lower back and it was just as good for all of those.
4) The construction is sturdy and the materials are good quality.

1) You apply pressure to your back/neck by using your chest/arm muscles to pull the balls forward. It works great for me but it’s not as relaxing as lying on a table doing nothing while you get a massage. You can also put it between a chair back and your neck/back and lean into it, which removes the need to pull with your chest/arm muscles, but makes it a little harder to control exactly where the balls go.

1) When you put very heavy pressure on, the motors do slow down a lot and struggle to keep going. This is not surprising — the balls are just driven by moderate size electric motors which can only provide so much torque. But at first this made me think I could not put on too much pressure for fear of overloading the motor. But over time I’ve gotten more aggressive with how much pressure I use, and as I said, it’s still working fine after ~50 uses.
2) Be careful putting too much pressure on the balls against areas without much muscle cover. I pulled too hard against my upper neck and actually ended up with a bruise on my skull, but that was entirely my fault, not the massager’s. The massager has hard rotating balls — if you press hard plastic into your bone you’ll get a bruise, lol.”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: July 3, 2019; Verified Purchase

“Firstly, I loved this and would use this every day. It works really well on neck and upper back and having tried lots of japanese style neck massagers it’s the only thing Ive found to effectively ease tension in that area. The only (big) problem is that it broke after about 5 weeks (too late to return it).
What happened? Inside the “leather” case there is a plastic box that houses the motor and rotating massagers. After 5 weeks, the plastic box cracked and broke at the point where the screws hold the front and back halves together. It’s a weak point in the design/manufacture. As a result the left massager now just spins loosely and makes a terrible grinding noise, because the inner cog wheels don’t engage properly. Its basically unusable. And I’ve tried taking it apart to fix it, but that hasnt worked either.
Another point, mentioned by some others, is that if I use it on the bare skin of my neck it does give me friction/heat burns – large red patches on the skin. Instead I put on a thin neck scarf first and massage through that, or turn up the collar of my polo shirt, then it’s ok.
So, overall, a serious disappointment that it has broken, because for the first 5 weeks I loved it to the point it felt life-changing, as I’ve had neck/shoulder pain for years. But unless they fix the design of the inner plastic box, I’m not sure I could recommend it higher than 2 stars.”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.8 out of 5 stars

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#2. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager with Heat & Adjustable Air Compress, Massage Chair Pad for Shoulder Neck and Back Waist Hips,Full Body Pain Relief

This chair massager features a soft rolling massage along the back spine that battles muscle pain across the whole back, and the width between two massage heads can be adjusted to fit the body.

The ‘spot’ massage function allows you to concentrate massage on one area for pin-point relaxation.

Also, to massage the target area as desired,  you can choose full back, upper back or lower back.

This amazing chair pad provides relaxing massage on neck, shoulder, thighs, waist and effectively relieves fatigue, muscle soreness, tension and stress.

The full back massager has an optional infrared heat function on shiatsu nodes that delivers gentle warmth to further relax tension muscles.

The adjustable compression-air massage on waist and hips from 2 airbags helps relieve tension indulging yourself in full-coverage and deep tissue massage by this incredible massage chair which also has 3 adjustable intensity settings available.

Comes with 4 rotation nodes, this massager provides deep kneading massages for neck and shoulder.

This incorporates the latest innovative technology, the massaging nodes move inward and outward motion to create 2D or 3D finger pressure shiatsu massage with double comfort for your back.

You can place this seat massager on a sofa, couch, recliner, office chair or dinning chair and enjoy a therapeutic massage at the convenience of your own home!

  1. High end chair massager
  2. Full body relaxation
  3. 2D/3D Shiatsu back massage
  4. Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage
  5. AIR massage on the waist and seat with adjustable 3 intensity levels
  6. Optional infrared heat function that delivers gentle warmth
  7. Adjustable flap
  8. Detachable and washable cover
  9. Versatile usage
  10. Adjustable rolling and spot massage
  11. Innovative 2D/3D Finger Pressure Shiatsu
  12. Vibration and Heat functions
  13. Provides a comfortable massage to soothe muscles
  14. Full body pain relief
  15. Eases stress and tension like a spa massage
  16. 4 rotation nodes
  17. Provides deep kneading massages for neck and shoulder
  18. 30-day 100% money-back guarantee

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: June 25, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I have had an aching back for years and the last few years I have been waking up with cramps in my neck that make it almost impossible to turn my head for a few hours after waking. My wife has been harping on me to by a shiatsu massager and so I went online to read reviews on various brands and “COMFIER” had by far the best reviews and lots of them, so I sent off for the “Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager with Heat & Adjustable Air Compression” which is model CF-2309A.
I was excited when it arrived and had already set my couch up, (where I sit with my dog), and quickly unpacked the massager and set it up on the couch and plugged it in. (I am sorry but I did not even read the instructions at first because I just wanted to test it out!)
WOW! This thing is amazing!! It has got so many bells and whistles that I had forgotten all of the different massage functions, but WOW!! The shiatsu balls that run up and down your back are positioned exactly where you need the massage, on either side of your spine, turning and rolling up and down and massaging your whole back in a way that is so relaxing. The massage balls can be changed to just roll up and down without turning around, which copies the motion of a massuese rolling their hands or fists up and down your back. I could do it for hours on end! (Though after actually reading the instructions they state that you should not use it for more than 15 minutes at a sitting so you won’t overstimulate your muscles and nerves.
Next let me tell you about the neck massager part. I am not the tallest person out there but the neck massager massages my neck perfectly because it can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. So I set it for the lowest height. The shiatsu balls rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise at the touch of a button and the heat (which is in the neck and the back massage balls) helps your muscles to expand and release any pinched nerve that I have.
The other thing that the Comfier Shiatsu massage does that I did not see on “any other neck and back massager” is air bladders that inflate and press on the sides of you back that feels so good and gives me the feeling of sitting in a super expensive sports car seat that fits you so snug and tight.
To sum this up, I could go down the street and pay a professional massuese $45.00 per half hour or use the “Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager – 2D/3D Kneading Full Back Massager with Heat & Adjustable Air Compression” model CF-2309A and get better results without spending an arm and a leg, and the added benefit is you can get a massage whenever “you” feel like it. In the morning, noon or before you go to sleep. In one word, WOW!!”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: February 2, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I’m 5’8″. When I sit with this in a hard backed kitchen chair, the back massagers don’t reach down very far into my lower back, which is where I really need it. Now if I sit on a fat pillow.. That lifts me high enough that the rollers/finger are delving deeper into my lower back and I experience great relief. But then I get no relief from the seat features or inflatable compression points on the sides of my hips
The same with the neck massagers. If i sit in/on the unit as demonstrated in the instructions, it’s beating up the back of my head and barely reaching down to the top of my neck. Again, if I sit on a fat pillow, it works pretty darn well.
Contemplating returning it as it’s a PITA to use. I have a few weeks yet to decide.
Like I said in my headline above.. WHERE it works, it works wonderfully. But it seems as if, to hit all of the rights spots, as designed, one needs to be nearer to 6′ tall than I am.
An aside.. My 5’11” neighbors tried it out.. had a hard time getting him to give it back.. lol

Overall Customer Rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars

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#3. Muscle Massage Gun- Powerful Handheld Deep Tissue Muscle Massager- Percussion Massager for Trigger Points and Muscle Recovery for High Performance Athletes

Comes with the new 2019 version, LPYSFW cordless massager adopts high-quality motor which has an ultra-strong heat dissipation function, no crash, it can run for a long time and would not stop working because the movement is overheated.

Also, the high-precision mould makes the machine head and the body tightly connected, the noise in the process of running can be effectively reduced by smooth sliding, making it more quiet compared to other massagers.

Equipped with 2400mAh high-quality lithium battery, this powerful massager can keep working about 5 hours after per charge.

The body massager has LED battery indicator so you don’t have to worry about power outages.

It has 4 different shaped massage heads to help every user to press the different body parts that helps reduce bone damage while having a relaxing massage experience.

This massage gun can help the user relieve muscle stiffness and soreness, increase blood circulation, improve the overall health of the body’s soft tissues and can also prevent fasciitis!

  1. Multifunctional massage gun
  2. New 2019 version
  3. Includes 1 x massage gun, 4 x massage head, 1x power charger, 1x user manual, 1x Portable case
  4. 6 speeds – 1,800 to 3,2p0 percussions/minute
  5. 3 adjustable speed level
  6. Charging time – 2-3 hours
  7. Four customized soft massage heads
  8. 5 hours battery life
  9. 6 gears of speed shifting
  10. New-generation noise reduction technology
  11. High power
  12. LCD Touch Display Control
  13. Only weighs 1 kilogram (2.2lbs)
  14. The ergonomic designed grip minimizes external vibrations
  15. Durable anti-slip silicone grip
  16. Easier and comfortable to hold
  17. One year free replacement warranty

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 31, 2019; Color: Massage Gun; Verified Purchase

“I had been doing my research, and could not justify spending hundreds of dollars on a percussion massager. I came across this product and thought i would give it a shot. Let me tell you, i had low expectations, but this thing blew my expectations out of the water. Other than cosmetic/visual shortcomings compared to its more expensive competition, I don’t know how a gun like this could possibly get any better, or quieter. AND I SPENT WELL UNDER $200.00 FOR THIS. I would honestly pay more, without any regret.

At a soccer tournament this past weekend, my entire team utilized this massage gun in between our games, and they were all hooked. It’s hard to describe the immediate relief from soreness that you get from this product after 10 or 15 seconds of use on a muscle. That’s right, SECONDS.

Foam rollers are big and bulky and a thing of the past for me. This device is high tech and all I will need for muscle recovery for a long time to come”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: June 27, 2019; Color: Massage Gun; Verified Purchase

“I got this for my dad and his back, he was using it and he really liked, how strong it was, and all 6 speeds, but you can tell most of the massage gun is plastic, after using it after a week, it broke, while on the third speed. One week. Then there was some piece inside rattling, it sounded like plastic, it would still turn on, but not the motor itself”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.6 out of 5 stars

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#4. Snailax shiatsu Neck & Back Massager with Heat, Full Back Kneading Shiatsu or Rolling Massage, Massage Chair pad with Height Adjustment, Relieve Muscle Pain for Back Shoulder and Neck AL233

This massager delivers a deep tissue massage that travels all over your full back up and down.

You have the option where to focus the massage, whether on your lower, upper back or a specific spot for pinpoint relaxation.

Your body will feel relaxed, stress-free and rejuvenated immediately after every massage.

Designed to provide an invigorating shiatsu massage, this Snailax chair pad massager targets soreness in your neck, shoulder or back.

It offers a professional masseuse feeling massage to alleviate chronic pain, overuse soreness in your lower lumbar, center back, upper back, shoulder and neck or whatever part of your body you feel the most tension and soreness.

Featuring 4 unique neck massage nodes that deep tissue massages the neck and shoulder to relieve tired and muscle tightness.

The massage nodes can be adjusted up and down to the height that allows any user or member of the family to use this massager.

It is suitable for people between 63 inches and 70.9 inches (1.6m and 1.8m) in height.

The shiatsu balls with optional heating function soothe your muscle and enhance blood circulation!

  1. Shiatsu back massage with heat
  2. 4 Shiatsu rotation nodes travel up and down
  3. Relaxes your full back
  4. The optional heat function adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain
  5. All the heat functions are equipped with overheating protection system for safe use
  6. Shiatsu neck and shoulder massage with heat
  7. 4 Unique shiatsu massage nodes
  8. Delivers deep tissue massage on neck and shoulder
  9. Two rotation directions are available
  10. Adjust the massage nodes position to fit specific user demand
  11. The Shiatsu nodes with optional heat function adds gentle warmth to soothe muscle pain
  12. Vibration seat massage
  13. The 2 adjustable levels of intensity provides you a comfortable massage to hips and thighs
  14. Spot massage
  15. Set 3 massage zones for choices – full back, upper back, lower back
  16. Spot massage function allows to focus the shiatsu massage nodes on specific area for targeted pin-point relaxation
  17. The integrated strapping system secures it on chairs in place
  18. Perfect gift for friends and loved ones

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 24, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I have been using a chair massager made by a popular home use health product company for 10 years. In the pat 10 years, I
have replaced the unit 3 times because of malfunction. Only one person uses my massager. From the minute I saw the Snailax Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager I was impressed by its quality, appearance and 2-year warranty. When I use the massager, I find it very easy to use, especially when customizing the treatment needed by a given individual. The massager rollers perform a deep and comfortable massage. Despite the many wonderful different modes of operating this massager, the Snailax does not allow one to change the distance between the roller bars so as to get the paraspinal muscles closer to the midline of the spine. So far however, I highly recommend this massager. It is so quiet during operation that one can meditate or listen to music while using it. Thank you Snailax for making this product available to us.

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: May 25, 2019; Verified Purchase

“This worked OK. The back portion was by far the best, and worked well to relieve knots, but the motion of the neck portion is too drastic. It throws your head around a lot, so I just left it off and used the back which worked fairly well until the up/down motion broke. The motors still spun the ‘nodules’ but would not move up and down. I returned it. After I returned it Snailax reached out to me to gather information and make sure I was happy. Very fast and impressive response from the company, so at least if you get a bad one they will take care of you.”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.5 out of 5 stars

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#5. Zyllion Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager – Kneading Massage Pillow with Heat for Shoulders, Lower Back, Calf – Use at Home and Car, Black, (ZMA-13-BK)

Featuring an advanced Heating function, Zillion neck and back massager soothes aching muscles and can be turned on and off with ease.

It has powerful 3-Dimension Deep-Kneading Shiatsu Massage Nodes that automatically changes direction every minute which relax overused, tired and tight muscles.

This pillow massager is not a rechargeable massager. It needs to be plugged-in for it to work.

The UL approved power adaptor works with both 110-120V and 220-240V electrical outlet.

It has adjustable multipurpose handle straps that allow adjustment of pillow during massage, or can be used to secure the massager to your favorite chair at home or at your office!

  1. Shiatsu pillow massager with heat
  2. Spa-like treatment
  3. 4 Deep-kneading rotating Shiatsu Massage nodes
  4. Equipped with an overheat protection device
  5. 20 minutes auto shut-off feature
  6. The heating function adds an extra touch of muscle-soothing intensity
  7. Helps you relax by enhancing blood circulation
  8. Relieves aches, knots and muscle tension
  9. Massage nodes are set up to automatically reverse directions during each individual massage session
  10. Adjustable straps to secure the pillow massager
  11. All you have to do is sit back, press the ‘On’ button, and simply let your stress melt away
  12. Ultra-compact
  13. Ultra-slim design
  14. Top quality textured lethearette
  15. 3.5” ergonomic design pillow massager contours perfectly around lower and upper-back, neck, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas
  16. Perfect Gift
  17. Use at home, office, or car
  18. FDA Listed
  19. 90-day window to return your massager for any reason. No questions asked.
  20. If anything happens to your device within a 1-year period,  a tested replacement model will be sent at no cost to you

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: March 29, 2018; Color: Black; Verified Purchase

“Wow! I’ve had it for an afternoon and I’m in love. I can’t afford to keep going for human massages. *This* I can afford. I just hope it lasts. I think I’m going to buy another one tomorrow so my wife and I don’t fight over whose turn it is.

**** April 1, 2018
Okay, this many be getting out of hand! I purchased a second one for my wife last week. (Very smart thing to do.) Today, she just asked me to buy two more, one for her daughter and her sister. I just placed the order.

I’m using mine three of four 20 minute sessions a day. It continues to work great.

Seriously, this is a wonderful product. Spread the word!

**** April 9th, 2018

We purchased two more and now four members of our family are very happy! These make wonderful gifts. Seriously, start with yourself. My gets a good workout each day, typical three to four 20 minute sessions during the day. It’s still going strong.

**** July 2nd, 2018

All of the massagers are going strong. As I type this, my massager is working on my L4-L5. I must admit at times if feels so good that I tend to drift away from what I was supposed to do. My wife complained about not being able to get to sleep last night and finally got up a bit after midnight for a massage with hers. I blissfully slept thought it all. These little devices are an important part of our lives. Mine has put up with a great deal of use and it keeps on doing it’s thing as long as I don’t try to do too many sessions in a row. This is a real winner!

**** July 28th, 2018

My first unit, the one that I use several times *every* day is starting to develop some holes in the mesh portion of the cover. I’ve sent off an email to Zyllion Customer Support via a reply to an email I received through Amazon after I registered for the one year warrantee. Other than these holes in my overly-used unit, all four of the massagers I have purchased this Spring are working as expected and the one that I put through a daily stress-test continues to be an important part of my daily routine. I remain a thankful fan of Zyllion’s massager.

****August 1st, 2018

I sent an email to Zyllion of the 28th explaining about the growing hole in the mesh. On the 29th, I receive a very nice acknowledgment of my request and a request to verify my address. I replied on the 29th, a Sunday, that the address was correct. I received an nice email on the 30th that my replacement cover was on the way and it arrived today. It took me less than five minutes to get the old one off and the new one on and it works perfectly. Again, wow! Why can’t all companies be like this?

****February 2nd, 2019

I just bought another unit for my office so I don’t have to haul it around. I still love these devices. Well worth the money!”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: December 13, 2018; Color: Black; Verified Purchase

“I first purchased this at the end of September 2018 to manage chronic upper back pain. Within five days, the massaging mechanism stopped functioning. The device would still turn red and heat up, but no longer move. I contacted Zyllion via e-mail that night and they responded by morning, offering to send me a replacement once I confirmed my address. In my response, I admitted that it resumed functioning after 24 hours, but they still believed it was a malfunctioning unit and sent the replacement. The second unit worked for weeks longer than the first, but within only two months it started making a new, loud, screeching noise when it turns, making it difficult to use while relaxing. Because of these two incidents, this product does not seem particularly durable or reliable to me.

The pros and cons when it IS functioning:

-Gets decently hot, like a heat pack, which can successfully assist in muscle relaxation
-Can relieve some back pain/loosen knots in localized areas
-Definitely better than no massage at all

-Inflexible shape makes neck massages difficult/impossible and leaves certain back muscles inaccessible, especially in petite or larger people. The device was smaller than I imagined when first taken out of the box, but the two massage components inside the pillow ended up being further apart than is ideal for a petite person. The pillow design is definitely inferior to the flexible shoulder/neck massagers that drape around the neck. This cannot be positioned to massage the trapezius and has never improved neck pain.
-Will most likely cause anyone bruising/soreness on first use, but not much since then (unless you use it on a hard floor and aggressively put all your body weight on it)

Overall, I would not buy another one because of its inflexibility and the noise/unreliability, but it did show me the benefits of having an electric shiatsu manager, so I would be interested in purchasing a flexible massager that can better target the neck/uppermost back”

Overall Customer Rating:
4.4 out of 5 stars

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Final Thoughts On Best Back & Neck Massagers 2020

When you’re so tired and busy,

wish a relaxing massage daily,

it is now possible fortunately,

if you have a back&neck massager for the family

that works effectively!

Well, as per the customer reviews apparently,

no perfect massager above can please everybody

like any related products but obviously,

most people are so thankful and happy

as they found these worth the money!

If you have any questions or need a hand,

please leave them below and then send.

I’ll be happy to assist with the best I can.

You can also share this to every friend,

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