Everyone wants to be in a better shape but it’s always hard to get focused, stay motivated and energized because your body doesn’t have enough nutrition and hydration needed for an effective workout.

That’s exactly the reason why there have been various supplements being sold these days which include the 5 best men’s pre workout supplements below…

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5 Best Men’s Pre Workout Supplements [2021]

#1. Blackwolf Trail

#2. Kaged Muscle’ Pre-Kaged

#3. JYM Pre-Jym

#4. Legion Pulse

#5: Cellucor C4

Final Thoughts

5 Best Men’s Pre Workout Supplements [2021]

Many sports and fitness folks are pretty concerned of the formula of pre workout supplements and they won’t risk hitting the ‘green light’ not unless all ingredients they are looking for are contained in a pre-workout supplement.

For others especially for some beginners, choosing a pre-workout supplement isn’t that easy as this should be based primarily on the quality and then of course the cost. Some are after the texture while others consider the taste and flavor.

Well, an effective pre-workout supplement should always contain Creatine, BCAAs ( Branched-chain Amino Acids ) Caffeine, Citrulline Malate, Beta-alanine, Taurine and some other supporting boosters for strength and endurance formulated in a pre-workout supplement which should be taken 15 to 30 minutes before your workout.

Having said that, before buying any of these, don’t ever miss to check out every pre workout supplements review to find out which ones are best suited for you.

Aside from reviews and surveys, If you have enough information about the brands with proven records of excellence when it comes to this kind of product, what you need to look for would be the best-selling products that people are continuously patronizing.

Here then are five ( 5 ) of the best-selling pre-workout supplements for men online that you can choose from:

#1. Blackwolf Trail 

Blackwolf is a range of all-in-one workout formulas designed to enhance performance during workout and sports training.

Endorsed by a professional boxer, a double Olympian swimmer and numerous brand ambassadors on social media, Blackwolf was nominated for the 2018 Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards within just 8 months of hitting the market.

Blackwolf sells individual products and supplement packs designed specifically for both men and women.

This particular pre workout is packed with fabulous ingredients that go above and beyond the standard.

By featuring important vitamins that will help you keep your energy levels up, this supplement sets itself apart.

Worth Considering Before Buying
  1. Blackwolf Trail offers money back guarantee with free shipping over 100 countries worldwide.
  2. nominated for the 2018 Men’s Fitness Sports Nutrition Awards within just 8 months of hitting the market
  3. Contains high quality ingredients such as creatine, Vitamins B6 and B5 and whey protein
  4. Made specifically for men
  5. Improves focus and drive
  6. Made to increase metabolism
  7. Loaded with BCAAs
  8. With creatine monohydrate
  9. Free shipping to over 100 countries
Worth Noting Before Purchasing
  1. Only available thru their WEBSITE here
  2. A bit expensive due to its high quality formula

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#2. Kaged Muscle’ Pre-Kaged

Pre-Kaged Pre Workout Powder is the perfect pre-workout energy supplement for an explosive energy throughout your workout. Its quality ingredients allow you to unleash the power within you to dominate your workouts.

The Pre-Kaged formula packs a hefthy 6.5g of Pure L-Citrulline which is plant-sourced, for powerful muscle pumps. 

Each serving of PRE-KAGED pre-workout has 1.5g highly soluble, Patented Creatine HCl. Its creatine powder puts quality above all else and is designed to fuel your muscles.

With so many pre-workout supplements around, it is important that you know exactly where to find quality tested and clean workout ingredients.

Pre-Kaged Pre Workout Powder is third party tested to be free from banned substances. See exactly what’s in each product with full ingredient transparency on the label.

Pre-kaged comes with an eight ( 8 ) various blends especially formulated to boost energy, adrenaline, positive aggression and it enhances power, alertness and focus due to the perfect mixture of ingredients such as caffeine, BCAAs, citrulline, beta-alanine, L-tryrosine, N-acetyl-L-tyrosine and taurine.

Drinking this formula will also increase your vascular blood flow for more powerful muscle pumps and its effect can be benefited easily and quickly.

Pre-kaged has thus been designed to maximize nutrients absorption as well as building muscles and preventing muscle soreness.

  1. With less muscle fatigue
  2. Provides insane energy and focus
  3. Massive muscle pump
  4. Easy to mix
  5. Banned substance-free
  6. No artificial coloring
  7. With a pleasant taste
  8. Effects easily and quickly
  9. Contents dissolve rapidly
  10. With more BCCAs ratio
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: June 25, 2019 Flavor: Krisp AppleSize: 20 Servings; Verified Purchase

“I love this stuff. I have been using it for over a year now and it was a major improvement from when I was using C4. “Krisp Apple” is my favorite flavor, but the other is good too.
The caffeine source in this has a steady, yet quick ramp up. Meaning, it definitely takes effect strongly, but there was a real decrease in jitters experienced from other brands. Likewise, with the way it absorbs there is no crash afterwards. It has a smooth descent and I often feel energized hours after my morning workout.
The other benefit is the pump. Man does this thing give you a pump! Obviously this is a ridiculous exaggeration, but I feel like I double in size halfway through my workout. The muscle contractions feel more controlled and I can definitely see the muscles doing each rep. The creatine and the other ingredients in it are really noticeable!
I usually recommend this to my friends who have been taking a preworkout, but are looking for more results. If you’ve never taken a preworkout supplement before I don’t think you can go wrong with this one, but definitely start out using half a serving to see how you feel with it”
Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: April 24, 2019; Flavor: Krisp Apple; Size: 20 Servings; Verified Purchase

“I love this product so much! But, it gets tacky and lumpy which makes impossible to use it after a while. I don’t want to take pre workout before all of my workouts so it takes time to finish. If you’re not going to finish it quickly I wouldn’t recommend it. I wish they had a smaller pack. It’s wasteful.”
Overall Customer Rating:
4.0 out of 5 stars

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#3. JYM Pre-Jym

The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) found in Pre JYM will provide a direct source of energy during your workout, in addition to providing other critical performance-enhancing benefits.

Pre JYM also tastes great – sweet and delicious in all flavors, including one with natural colors, flavors, and  sweeteners.

With ingredients like creatine HCl  and beta-alanine and betaine help fuel your muscles for more strength during workouts and better stamina to power through and finish strong.

Pre JYM is not  loaded with obscure stimulants that create jitters and a subsequent crash of energy levels. Pre JYM contains only one stimulant – caffeine – to provide “clean energy” that will help you last through even at your longest and most grueling training session.

With the proprietary blends found in other pre-workout products, you never know exactly what amounts you’re putting into your body.

Unlike Pre JYM, it contains NO PROPRIETARY  BLENDS – what it says on the label is what’s in the scoop. 

Pre-Jym is known as the original large-scoop clinically dosed pre-workout supplement which has thirteen (13) ingredients which are responsible to improve muscle recovery, enhanced focus and endurance.

Meantime, Citrulline has 6 grams in this supplement which is the clinically proven dosage at which you can expect to see the maximum response; with 2 grams Beta-alanine; 3g Leucine and 2g Creatine.

  1. Fully disclosed active ingredients’ list
  2. High and more energy during workout
  3. Enhanced strength and endurance
  4. With high caffeine content
  5. Provides better focus
  6. With creatine
  7. No Crash
  8. No artificial coloring
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: May 27, 2019; Flavor: Refreshing MelonSize: 20 Count; Verified Purchase

“I didn’t expect this stuff to be as good as it is, honestly. The first week of using it I felt pretty great in the gym but switching up pre-workout tends to do that for me at first. I think it’s usually just a combo of my body not being adapted to it yet and a bit of placebo effect. But this stuff… nah, different story.
For the past month or so I’ve been consistently lifting better, more weight, better focus. Added the Post Jym into the mix for the past two weeks and damn I’m a believer. I typically drink the Pre on my 20 minute drive to the gym then I start sipping on the Post halfway into a 60 minute workout and have it done by the time I get on the elliptical or treadmill for 45 minutes to finish.
Never had this much energy deep into my workout before with other preworkouts, I feel like I could go another 30 minutes on the elliptical usually and, yeah Fitbits aren’t super reliable but my Jym workouts have been noticeably above my normal rates for BPM and calorie burn. I don’t think I’ll be going back to anything else now but I will get a different flavor next time because the Refreshing Melon is a little bitter or something, tolerable but not great.”
Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: June 25, 2019; Flavor: Refreshing MelonSize: 20 Count; Verified Purchase

“Great Product, bad packaging.
Overall, the best pre-worI have been taking Pre-Jym for a time now and can say it is a great pre-workout, possibly the best I have tried. However, I could instantly notice that some powder had came off the container when I opened the package. It is a real pitty as you would not expect this kind of problem for the product’s price.kout i have tried so far”
Overall Customer Rating:
3.8 out of 5 stars

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#4. Legion Pulse

Legion Pulse is a 100 percent natural product that increases energy levels, improves mood, sharpens mental focus, boosts strength and endurance, and reduces fatigue.

What’s unique in this product is the combination of natural substances such as betaine, beta-alanine, ornithine and cirtrulline which have been proven scientifically to increase strength and endurance, enhances focus and alertness.

There is just one stimulant in Legion Pulse and that is caffeine which is in moderate dose. This is combined with an equal dose of L-theanine, an amino acid which helps to improve cognition and mood as well as to  smoothen the energy curve.

What’s also cool about Legion Pulse are the large doses of taurine and theanine and these are mixed to lessen the jittery feeling and also to support caffeine to enhance focus and alertness.

  1. Scientifically formulated
  2. Fastest acting energy complex
  3. With massive 8 gram citrulline malate
  4. Ingredients are all-natural
  5. With money-back guarantee
  6. With strong pumps
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: June 21, 2019; Flavor: Fruit Punch; Verified Purchase

“I’ve tried other pre-workout drinks and have settled on Pulse. This is the only pre-workout I have used for almost a year now and it has definitely improved my workouts by a significant amount. I’m a 210 lbs, 6 foot tall male and take the 2 scoop serving size. When I started taking it, for the first week or two I did get the tingly feeling some have mentioned but as my body adjusted to a sudden influx of 350 mg of caffeine at 4:30 every morning that went away.
The recommended serving size, 2 scoops, has 350 mg of caffeine. I see several reviews recommending 1 scoop, some saying 2. Ultimately you need to know how sensitive you are to caffeine and adjust your serving size, 1 or 2 scoops, accordingly. According to the USDA the average cup of coffee has 95 mg of caffeine and a 12 oz. can of Mountain Dew has 54 mg. So, a serving of Pulse has almost as much caffeine as 4 cups of coffee and 6 1/2 cans of Dew. Hopefully this information helps someone with their serving sizes.
For best results definitely take about 20 min. before your workout. The taste is a little bitter and it is somewhat gritty but that is on me (at least the gritty part) as I only mix it with about 6 oz. of water, chug it then get ready for the gym.
For those that may want to know my workout routine is the Bigger, Leaner, Stronger program (by Mike Matthews, founder of Legion Athletics) followed by 20 minutes of HIIT cardio
Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: June 18, 2019; Flavor: Fruit Punch; Verified Purchase

“I have purchased the fruit punch from this seller at least 5 times with minimal issues (we had a shipping ordeal once before that got taken care of swiftly. Other than that this supplement has been great…. Until this time. When it arrived there was product spilled out from inside lid into the plastic seal ring. This was due to a busted paper seal inside the product. I didn’t think much of it since the plastic ring wasn’t tampered with. Then I made some pre workout and the after first sip I knew something was wrong. Either they changed the formula or someone mistakingly put the tropical punch flavor into the fruit punch bottle. It’s tangy and sour and nothing like the original fruit punch flavor. Not sure what the deal is but either way… not a fan. If this issue isn’t addressed we will probably find a new supplement to buy. Bummer”
Overall Customer Rating:
4.2 out of 5 stars

#5: Cellucor C4

Cellucor C4’s formulation features various flavor options such as pink lemonade, orange burst, fruit punch, strawberry margarita, green apple, watermelon and icy blue razz.

You can get C4 in a different specialized versions such as Extreme Energy, Ripped, Ultimate and Sport and they provide powerful energy, enhanced focus and alertness like never before.

Most of C4’s main ingredients are all in large amounts like the 150 milligrams of caffeine is really a solid dose and also the 1.6 grams of beta alanine that boosts endurance.

This supplement is thus designed to provide an incredible muscle pumps, improved alertness, enhanced focus and explosive energy.

  1. Not expensive
  2. With increased energy
  3. With good taste
  4. With enhanced focus and alertness
  5. No crash
  6. Provides great pumps
  7. Easily dissolves
  8. Good for beginners and all regular fitness/sports fanatics
  9. It comes with a 30 day money back guarantee
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: May 22, 2019; Flavor: Icy Blue RazzSize: 30 Servings; Verified Purchase

“What can I say about the OG pre besides it ranks as the all time best option to wake you up and go. The flavor of Icy blue razz is unmatched in the supplement game and it hits hard and fast. This will get you up and moving some weight before you know it. I have tried many other cheaper pre-workout options in the past, but I always return to the OG. It is unmatched.”
Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: March 14, 2019; Flavor: Icy Blue RazzSize: 30 Servings; Verified Purchase

“I bought this as a substitute for a ridiculously expensive product often marketed and pushed with the streaming fitness program I’m doing. I like the blue razz flavor, and it works as far as the claims (at least as well as the other product I was comparing it to) but holy cow this is sweet. Like cramp in your cheek sweet. And I like sweet things, but it’s really on the edge of being too much. Also, I’m somewhat past the blue lips and tongue phase of my life, though my grandkids might find it amusing. Remember drinking blue raspberry kool-aid? Same effect. It works though, I can definitely feel it after a few minutes”
Overall Customer Rating:
4.0 out of 5 stars

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Final Thoughts

A pre-workout supplement has always been a factor for a more energized and effective workout and if you have one of the top 5 being reviewed above, that would be awesome!

Well, as per the reviews, there’s really no perfect men’s pre workout supplement above that can please everybody but obviously, most people are so thankful and happy as they found these worth the money!

You might as well want to check out the 5 BEST MEN’S POST WORKOUT SUPPLEMENTS [2020].

If you need a hand or have any questions, please leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.