Welcome aboard everybody!

My pleasure to have you here incidentally.

It makes me feel so grateful and happy.

Thank you for visiting by, really!

I want you to feel lighter

as you take your time here further.

‘hope you’re gonna feel better

as you stay here longer.

So, just please allow me

to accommodate you with my poetry.

Please bear with me

‘just want you to stay comfortably!

A Little Story Of Me

I am Julius T. Tinaza, the publisher,

author as well as the writer

and this site’s researcher.

I am addressed as “Jules” by many

including my friends and family.

I’ve been married for sixteen years already

and blessed with three kids gratefully.

A sports and fitness enthusiast typically,

I love being active and working out my body.

My passion also includes writing poetry (obviously),

composing songs with my guitar at dawn usually.

“Sharing Is Fulfilling”

I am so glad incredibly,

that I created this niche accidentally

which bridges my way to people globally.

Indeed, a great opportunity

to express my thoughts freely,

share my passion and creativity,

my knowledge and experience fully

as well as the research I do regularly.

It is really a great feeling

when you are counting

each and every blessing.

But it is more fulfilling

if you keep on sharing

what you have been enjoying

even a bit of your time or something

in your simplest way of expressing

that genuine concern of helping.

“The Ever Greatest Feeling,

Comes From Helping”

I am committed to improving this site continuously

which has been designed to help people internationally.

I will continue to write more content regularly

and publish even more consistently

to assist people search what they need quickly,

try to make everyone feels better and happy,

more healthy and even more sexy!

“To Be Part Of Your Fitness Endeavor,

Is What This Whole Thing Aims For!”

So, if you have been ready

to start your fitness journey,

you can just visit here freely

for some tips to guide you basically

and have some stuff that you can use personally

from every trusted affiliate company.

If you have questions or ever need a hand,

please leave them below and then send.

I’ll be happy to assist with the best I can.

All the best and God Bless!

Julius T. Tinaza   https://bodyfitnessandhealth.com