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A Little Story Of Me

I am Julius Tinaza, Publisher, Author, Researcher and Writer of bodyfitnessandhealth.com.

I’ve been married for fifteen ( 15 ) years  now and blessed with three ( 3 ) kids.

I am addressed by many as “Jules” and so thankful that I have been enjoying life for forty five ( 45 ) years now.

I’ve been a sports and fitness enthusiast all my life and I’m so grateful to have this niche that bridges my way to people around the globe offering my genuine intent to  share my time, knowledge, experience, passion and research in my own simplest way.

Sharing Is Fulfilling

Mind you, I am so happy to share that some people I meet usually say, I look younger than my age – of course, I’m so delighted every time I hear those awesome words! Who wouldn’t be? LOL!

Definitely, being a sports and fitness enthusiast has something to do with that and this inspires me to go on and extend as well that great feeling and passion because for me, sharing what you have to others even in your littlest way, really feels fulfilling and this is my way of giving back every blessing – sharing what I’ve got thus, creating and financing bodyfitnessandhealth.com.

The Ever Greatest Feeling, Comes From Helping

I am committed to improving this site which has been designed to reach-out and assist people in every part of this wonderful world. I will continue to write and publish even more content to help people find what they need online easier, make them feel better, healthier and even sexier!

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Julius Tinaza