Have you been looking for an effective equipment to build your 6-pack abs?

You can choose any from these top 10 best abdominal rollers below that you can easily use at home or anywhere else you feel like doing your abs workout:

#1. Ab Machine Exercise Equipment – Ab Wheel Roller for Core Workout – Ab Trainer Fitness Equipment – Ab Workout Equipment for Home Gym – Ab Exercise Equipment for Abs Workout – Abs Machine Workout

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This convenient and easy to use Ab wheel roller is made of durable PVC, strong stainless steel to guarantee long-lasting durability and non-slip rubber that grips any floor surface. It also has wider padded handles that ensures comfort grip.

Besides, this Abdominal wheel roller also has a thicker steel tube that makes this equipment more stable and effective in toning your abs, burning your calories and strengthening your core.

This product thus ensures your comfort, safety and effective abs workout!


  1. Sculpts and tones abdominals
  2. Strengthens arms and shoulders
  3. Ultra-comfortable hand grips
  4. Single non-slip rubber wheel designed for stable, smooth and fluid movements
  5. Every purchase includes 3 Free bonuses gifts
  6. Life-time 100% Money-back Guarantee.
  7. Made with strong and durable materials
  8. Ensures safety and comfort
  9. With free comfortable knee pad for added knee support, 6 pack Abs Nurtrition E-book for diet, health and fitness guidance
  10. Ultimate AB workout E-book for fitness training workout advice.
  11. Ideal gym equipment for home

#2. AmazonBasics Abdominal and Core Exercise Roller Wheel

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Build your stronger muscles with the help of AmazonBasics Abdominal and Core Exercise Roller Wheel with a very simple design yet translates into an advanced easy-to-use training equipment that is great to use at home or even when you’re traveling and away from home.

AmazonBasics Roller Wheel features an ergonomic handles for a comfortable and secure grip that help keep your wrists in alignment.

This can help tighten and strengthen the ab and surrounding core muscles and it as well engages the triceps, shoulders, back muscles and hips.

This exercise roller wheel comes in a sleek black color which is coordinating with other workout gear measuring 13.3 by 7.6 by 7.6 inches and weighing 2.1 pounds which is so handy and easy to bring wherever you want to do your workout.


  1. Core-strengthening workout tool for ab roll-out exercises
  2. Handles offer a secure, ergonomic grip for enhanced results
  3. Durably constructed using polypropylene plastic (PP) and thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  4. Suitable for both beginners and advanced users
  5. Sleek black color which coordinates with other workout gear
  6. Offers reliable support that can be trusted to perform, even during the most intense workout sessions
  7. With 1-year warranty

#3. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

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The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro helps to increase muscle growth and aid you to have a well defined abs and arms. This features a built-in resistance and a kinetic engine that comprised of a durable carbon steel spring that gives resistance on the roll out and roll back routine to amplify abs and arms workouts.

This ab wheel roller has been designed to strengthen deep core muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and thus helps as well to strengthen muscles in the back and chest.

Besides, this great ab equipment also has an ultra-wide wheel tread which increases stability when carving left or right plus the ergonomic hand grips that help arm and core muscles to activate. Also, the handles are removable for convenient transport or storage.

This great exercise product is with durable and high-density foam knee pads for you to have a  superior comfort while you are carving.


  1. Increases activation of core and abdominal muscles
  2. Ultra-wide spherical wheel that allows you to carve left or right
  3. Increased wheel width provides balance and stability
  4. Ergonomic handles optimize engagement of core muscles and arms
  5. Handles are non-slip and removable for easy storage and transport
  6. Provides stability for the whole body
  7. Strengthens deep core muscles
  8. Increases balance
  9. Improves posture
  10. Decreases low back discomfort caused by sitting.
  11. Increases burned calories as compared to regular planks or sit up.
  12. With downloadable 21-day workout plan
  13. With 1-year manufacturer warranty

#4. Sunny Health & Fitness No. 003 Ab and Core Training Exercise Wheel

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This durable Sunny health and Fitness No. 003 Exercise Wheel gives you stability as you roll out to take your abdominal exercises to the maximum level to strengthen your midsection and building your muscle in your lower and upper body.

This great ab equipment works various muscles.  Aside from abs, it also engages and strengthens your shoulders, hip flexors and back that reduce the risk of muscular injury.

The double-wheel design of this equipment provides you stability and can carry the weight of your whole body. The textured surface of the wheel promotes control while the non-slip handles reduces hand fatigue.

A very lightweight equipment, this abs wheel is weighting 1.6 lbs. making it easy to use / store and convenient for fitness anytime and anywhere.

This abs wheel equipment is a versatile fitness tool as it lets you move left and right and back and forth to engage your oblique and abdominal muscles.


  1. Excellent for strengthening upper body
  2. Double-wheel base aids with superior balance
  3. Handle bars with non-slip grips
  4. Convenient to use at home, at the gym and anywhere
  5. A versatile finess tool
  6. Very handy making it easy to use and store
  7. Textured surface of the wheel provides control and stability
  8. It reduces hand fatigue and injury

#5. SuperBinson AB Roller Wheel/AB Wheel/Abdominal Fitness Workout Equipment/Core Workout Abdominal Roller/abs Wheels for Training/Perfect Exercise Tools

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This Ab equipment comes with a pair of resistance bands with a knee pad and hooks making it more convenient and effective in strengthening your muscle core, toning your abs and burning your calories.

SuperBinson Ab Roller Wheel is with a non-slip and durable Ab equipment made of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting use that withstand up to 450 lbs in weight.

This product features a non-slip rubber on the wheels that can firmly grip any floor surface and it has handles that are padded for a comfortable grip.

This easy to use ab roller comes with a multilingual user’s guide and some fitness tips.


  1. Great for all levels – beginners to advanced
  2. With longer handle pipe
  3. Secures stability and control
  4. It can support up to 800 lbs.
  5. With anti-slip resistant foam handle
  6. Easy to assemble
  7. Allows you to take it anywhere
  8. Durable and high quality
  9. Rubber wheels are well-balanced that provides extra stability
  10. With 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee vaild for 1 year

#6. Tintec Ab Wheel Roller, Crystal Exercise Wheel with 4 Ball Bearings, Thick Knee Pad and Sturdy Dual Wheels for Home Gym Abdominal Crunch Core Training and Perfect Six Pack

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Tintec Ab Wheel Roller features ball bearing that provides a more durable, stable and smoother rotation as well as a more heavier weight load capacity.

This great Ab tool also has a comfortable and easy-gripping handles that fit all hands and you can do your exercise without wearing any gloves.

It comes with a premium quality as it is made of enhance engineering plastic smooth gliding wheel roller core with soft PVC exterior for easy and comfortable non-slip gripping aside from its very quiet wheel that won’t damage any floor.

This wheel roller has been designed for intense use and comes along with a knee pad for a more comfortable exercise.


  1. With built-in ball bearings that reduce friction
  2. Can support up to 600 lbs radial weight load
  3. Provides an increased stability
  4. Gives better balancing and bending without slipping
  5. Secures soft gripping with its non-slip foam handles
  6. Ideal for beginners and pros, men and women
  7. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  8. With 12-month worry-free warranty
  9. Free lifetime technical support

#7. LiKee Ab Wheel Roller, Core Training Roller Abdominal Workout Equipment Exercise and Fitness Wheel at Home with Knee Pad and Anti-Slip Handles for Man Woman Gymnastics Home Gym

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LiKee Ab Wheel Roller features an ultra-wide wheel tread that provides stability when carving. It also has a superior quality that can support up to 600 lbs. along with the ergonomic hand grips that are designed to activate your arm and core muscles.

This Ab wheel roller equipment comes with an ultra-wide wheel which increases balance and stability compared to those with narrow wheel.


  1. With high quality stainless steel framework and strong synthetic rubber base
  2. Offers up to 600 lbs maximum load-bearing
  3. Comes with a soft foam knee pad
  4. With an ultra-wide wheel
  5. Provides more stability
  6. With lifetime warranty

#8. Monster Fitness Ab Wheel – Best Ab Wheel Rollerfor Abdominal Exercise – Perfect Exercise for Home, Gym, And Where You Travel – Color Options – Comes With Knee Supporter – No Hassle 1 Year Guarantee

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Monster Fitness Ab Wheel is designed to strengthen and tone not only your abs but also your shoulders, arms, and back. It is a very simple piece of ab exercise equipment but provides you easy stomach exercises that is good for building the six pack abs muscles.

This effective fitness wheel comes with dual-wheels for greater stability, comfortable and easy-grip handles, knee pad to keep your knees together comfortably and an easy assembly instructions.


  1. With dual wheels that increase stability
  2. Works not only for abs but also for shoulders, arms, upper back, lower back, thighs and hips
  3. Increases your strength
  4. Improves your sporting performance
  5. Increases your core stability – all the muscles in midsection
  6. Improves your mobility and coordination
  7. Improves your posture and back health
  8. Enhances endurance, strength, power and flexibility
  9. 100% money-back guarantee

#9. Ab Roller Wheel Honeycomb, Abdominal Exercise Wheel for Core Strength Training with Knee Mat, Wide Wheel with Sponge Handles, Skid Resistance, Silence, Pro Ab Workout Equipment for Home Gym

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Ab Roller Wheel Honeycomb is designed to help you shape your
abdominal muscles better, burn more excess fats on the abdomen, and
increase your abdominal strength and endurance.

This Ab wheel equipment also develops the strength and muscles on
your back and arms. It comes with a non-slip and wear-resistant material
that can provide better stability due to its wider roller which is

The grip of this Ab tool is made of high-quality thick steel pipe
which is easy to handle with high strength. The grip is also wrapped
with high-quality sponge that provides comfort and non-slip feel during
your workout.


  1. Strengthens and tones abs, shoulders, arms, back and upper body
  2. Non-slip handles
  3. Removable handles for easy storage and transport
  4. Free foamed knee pad for hard floors
  5. Builds abdominal muscles
  6. Perfect for burning excess calories
  7. With durable material
  8. Lightweight and easy to carry
  9. Available color: green, red and yellow

#10. Oileus AB Roller Wheel for Abdominal Exercise, Core Workout Equipment with
Automatic Rebound Assistance and Resistance Springs with Ergonomic Handle Sold with Knee Pad

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This newest designed Oileus AB roller wheel,Core & Abdominal Equipment is with a two-wheel built-in spring that generates resistance when you roll out and gives you assistance when you roll back which is more sturdy and easy to use than those with only one wheel or the common rollers.

This innovative ab roller comes with super wide rolling belt that provides an excellent overall rolling motion stability to build abs. It also has high-quality materials, comfortable ergonomic handles and super wide rolling belt that will not cause any damage to the floor.


  1. With ultra-wide roller belt and solid wood
  2. Provides the most stable core workout experience
  3. Up to 500 kg. bearing
  4. With automatic rebound
  5. Automatic rebound, generate resistance when you rolling out, provide
    assistance on the way back
  6. Much easier to use than the standard wheel
    ab roller.
  7. Durable
  8. Comfortable ergonomic handles
  9. Easy to assemble
  10. Comes with a high-quality knee mat


Working out your 6-pack abs can easily be done now at home or anywhere else ( without going to the gym ) if you opt to have one of these amazingly convenient abdominal rollers above.

You’ll be then having another great addition to your home gym collection that you can just easily grab anytime at home!

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.