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5 Best Acupressure Mats & Pillows (2021)

Best-Selling Acupressure Mats & Pillows

#1. Ajna Acupressure Mat for Massage – Natural Organic Linen Cotton Acupuncture Mat with Bag – Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Stress Reliever, Reflexology, Sciatica and Trigger Point Massage Therapy

#2. Spoonk – Back pain and sleep aid relief in coton regular size acupressure mat with bag Eco USA foam,Magenta

#3. Sivan Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Chronic Back Pain Treatment – Relieves Your Stress of Lower Upper Back and Sciatic Pain – Green

#4. Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief – Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set – Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain – Comes in a Carry Case for Storage and Travel – As Seen in USA Today

#5. Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

Final Thoughts

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5 Best Acupressure Mats & Pillows [2021]

If you have been burnout

of stressful job or workout,

have been wishing to relax

and unwind to the max,

a simple but perfect solution

can actually be done at home

thru acupressure mat & pillow that promote relaxation,

better blood flow and circulation.

They can also alleviate body pain and tension,

giving you an awesome feeling and sensation!

Start your day to day life feeling refreshed,

fully recharged without any stress

by having one of the best

acupressure mats & pillows below which are the latest

 that can give you much better rest

and can rejuvenate you to the fullest.

Check them out here and order soonest…

#1. Ajna Acupressure Mat for Massage – Natural Organic Linen Cotton Acupuncture Mat with Bag – Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Stress Reliever, Reflexology, Sciatica and Trigger Point Massage Therapy

Ajna acupressure mat has over 5,000 ergonomically engineered spikes that can activate your body’s innate healing response and unblock stagnant energy pathways that will make you feel relieved and relaxed.

It is a Doctor recommended acupressure mat that totally melts away pain and tension in a natural and drug-free manner which can even be used to rejuvenate your skin’s elasticity and youthfulness.

This mat utilizes your own body weight to increase blood flow and dig deep into the belly of your muscles, providing you that professional massage feeling at your own home.

This back pressure spike mat also helps with a host of physical problems like stiff neck, upper and lower back pain, tension headaches, sciatica, fibromyalgia and wake up feeling refreshed and energized!

  1. Made of natural organic linen cotton
  2. Provides relaxing and therapeutic massage
  3. Helps promote weight loss
  4. Increases circulation
  5. Assists to rid the body of toxins
  6. Increases your happy state
  7. Relieves back pain
  8. Reduces your anxiety and stress
  9. Eco-friendly
  10. No dye
  11. Zero toxin
  12. Foam-free!
  13. Alleviates muscle tension
  14. Feel younger and healthier
  15. Helps to avoid having cellulite
  16. Built to last for years
Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 31, 2019; Color: Natural; Verified Purchase

“I purchased this mat along with the pillow and I wasn’t sure exactly what to expect. I’m a busy mom of two and I practice yoga when I can but this past year has left me with back pain, tension headaches, and entirely too much stress. I was originally looking at the Pranamat Eco but then I found this mat and it looked just as well designed, or better, and at a much more reasonable price. I also really like the company’s sustainability initiatives and the fact that the mat comes with a really nice carry bag. I received the mat a couple days before the pillow and it was amazing! The spikes are intense and take a bit of getting used to but I found them to be very manageable and it can be used with light clothing if necessary. I’ve used it for both my lower back pain and my anxiety. I’ve found that laying on it for even 10 min helps both my back pain and helps me to refocus and relax when I’m struggling with too much stress. I haven’t had a headache since I’ve had it so I can’t attest to how it works for that. I don’t know the exact science behind acupressure mats but this mat has been more beneficial than I expected. It’s beautifully designed and the removable filling allows the cover to be washed. The spikes are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. They even include some cute stickers with every item. The only thing I would change would be the option for a slightly larger mat, like an XL version for taller customers. I’m almost 6ft tall and it works great but I would have have purchased a slightly bigger version if it was available. I’m not receiving anything for this review. I paid full price for both the mat and the pillow. I’m just very pleased with the quality of this purchase and I spent a TON of time researching all the different mats online. I’ve already recommended this mat to a couple friends and I won’t hesitate to buy from this company in the future

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: March 7, 2019; Color: Natural; Verified Purchase

“I ordered the mat, and received a little pillow. Unfortunately I have to go through the hassle of returning the item, which is not the easiest task where I live. I’m irritated”

Overall Customer Rating (as of 01 November 2019):
4.8 out of 5 stars

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#2. Spoonk – Back pain and sleep aid relief in coton regular size acupressure mat with bag Eco USA foam,Magenta

Spoonk provides the benefits of a deep tissue massage that lowers the “stress hormone” cortisol while releasing endorphins or “feel good hormones”, which help create an overall more positive and relaxed state of mind.

It works by pressing the stimulation points on the skin to increase circulation and aid relaxation in the painful muscle area, relieving back and neck pain, sciatic nerve, stiff neck and shoulder pain and insomnia.

It also helps to deeper sleep quality and increase in energy.

As the only mat on the market with ECO foam made in USA, Spoonk comes with no fire retardant toxic chemicals that would shed around your house and can be ingested, actively destroy immune and hormonal balance.

  1. Includes 1 regular size mat with 6,200 points comes with the bag 1 travel size mat – roles in a neck massage pillow or can be used flat as a mini Spoonk plus 1 massage Grove Ball
  2. Clinically tested
  3. 94% Improved sleep quality
  4. 98% Muscle pain relief
  5. 96% Deep relaxation
  6. Top quality materials and design
  7. 6,120 taller acuppressure points
  8. Optimal for enhannced effect
  9. Velcro panels for easy removal
  10. Fabric hanging loops for easy storage
  11. With the highest environmental criteria
  12. Made with all natural materials

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: February 25, 2019; Color: Magenta; Verified Purchase

I’ve gone through various sleeping aids throughout the years and none of them seemed to stick. Until now.

Upon first laying on this mat, I feel asleep fast and was transcended into a deep state of relaxation.

It works so well, that I’ve fallen asleep on it a few times (and this is totally safe and ok if it happens). I wake up and just roll off it and continue sleeping. It only took me a few days to get use to it and now I’m hooked for life.

The spikes feel good, and it’s actually very pleasurable as it feels like a deep tissue massage.

I got this in the HEMP version (which I highly recommend), and it came with a travel size mat. I plan to go camping and super excited to be bringing the travel mat with me.

Over are the days of dreading going to sleep (because it would take me forever). Now I have incorporated listening to an audible book or a meditation as I lay on the mat for 35-45min prior to bedtime. I also wake up to using it for 5-10min to energize my body. And during the midday slump, I lay for 25min, as I listen to a good book.


Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: July 28, 2019; Color: Pagoda Blue; Verified Purchase

“I really like the mat that I got, however, I ordered this particular one because in the description it states that it is a 3-Piece-Combo set that comes with a pillow & spiky ball.. I did not receive either of these things with my order”

Overall Customer Rating (as of 01 November 2019):
4.5 out of 5 stars

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#3. Sivan Back and Neck Pain Relief Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, Chronic Back Pain Treatment – Relieves Your Stress of Lower Upper Back and Sciatic Pain – Green

Sivan acupressure mat and pillow set features thousands of spikes or stimulation points that apply pressure to your body and stimulate the nerve endings which all problems begin in the nerve system.

This stimulates blood circulation, will help alleviate pains, aches and improves your overall energy levels.

When you feel stressed or have low energy, lying on the mat provides you deep relaxation, calmness, a soothing and natural healing experience.

This incredible acupressure mat and pillow set help you stimulate positive energy in your mind, body and soul as the pressure of the stimulation points against your body help boost the release of endorphins which provide a sense of energy, calmness, joy, and pain relief.

This acupressure mat and pillow offers many health benefits including healthy blood circulation, better sleep, pain relief, and help with digestion.

  1. Green mat and pillow set
  2. Promotes relaxation
  3. Releases tight muscles and relieves stress
  4. You can feel its best effects quickly
  5. You’ll feel good, re-energized, and relaxed with great sensation
  6. Great for healing
  7. Eases tension
  8. Harmless
  9. Plastic nails – 100% non-toxic
  10. Hand washable removable cover
  11. Very convenient to take along while traveling
  12. Can be used on any convenient floor, bed and chair
  13. A Swedish acupressure mat
  14. Inspired by ancient Indian healing tradition

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 17, 2019; Color: Green; Verified Purchase

“I received the acupressure mat and pillow set on July 7 and started using it immediately. I have used the acupressure hard plastic plates before, so it was not my first time. The difference between these two products is that it is much easier to tolerate initial minutes when you lay down on the Sivan acupressure mat and have to overcome some pain before you start feeling warm and your body relaxes. I have good results with the relieving muscle pain in my upper back and neck area and also helping with sciatica pain on the left side. I normally do it in the morning for about 30 min. And place acupressure mat and pillow on my bed. The whole experience is somewhat addictive – I would spend on a mat longer if I could. No wonder – some reviewers say they can fall asleep on the mat. So far, I’ve being using it for 10 days and have positive results. Not sure how long the effect/benefit will continue and if there is such a thing as getting accustomed to it. I will try to update later with additional information.

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: July 2, 2019; Color: Green; Verified Purchase

“After reading all the positive reviews I decided to order this back & neck pain relief pad. I layed on it with a lightweight nightgown at 1st then layed on it w/o clothes to see if I could get any better results. I have suffered with sciatica & low back pain for years & was hoping this would help. It claimed it was like acupuncture (which I’ve had with limited succes). Unfortunately so far no lasting results have happened. It actually feels good when I lay on it in the moment. But afterwards I don’t see or feel any real difference so far. I will keep giving it a try to see if any improvement develops. Keeping my fingers crossed.”

Overall Customer Rating (as of 01 November 2019):
4.5 out of 5 stars

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#4. Nayoya Back and Neck Pain Relief – Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set – Relieves Stress, Back, Neck, and Sciatic Pain – Comes in a Carry Case for Storage and Travel – As Seen in USA Today

With this Nayoya Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set, you are going to enjoy an immediate natural pain relief at home without the expense of a chiropractor, masseuse, acupuncturist or physical therapist.

These acupressure mat and pillow come with tiny little sharp plastic acupoints to stimulate the body’s pressure points similar to acupuncture but without the use of skin piercing needles.

When the pressure points of the body are stimulated, tension in the muscle is released while an increase in blood flow and circulation in the area slowly aids in healing and promotes complete relaxation and well being.

It thus causes the body to heal itself so that it can function fully.

Without resorting to extra expensive treatments or prescribed pain killers, this simple set assists to relieve back and neck pain, sciatica, and muscle spasms.

You can simply lie down shirtless on the mat while resting your neck on the pillow as thousands of acupressure points work on the body, increasing blood flow and promoting healing.

  1. Includes mat, pillow and a carry case
  2. Acupressure Mat has 6,210 acupressure points that press against the body
  3. The unique contoured pillow has 1,782 acupressure points that can reach in between the neck and shoulder
  4. Increase blood flow to knots and sore muscles in your back
  5. Helping to reduce inflammation and pain instantly
  6. Relieve neck and shoulder pains
  7. Alleviate headaches
  8. Increase blood flow
  9. Improve sleep and mood
  10. Cease your visit to therapist
  11. Increase in energy levels
  12. Induce a state of complete relaxation
  13. Backed by a lifetime money back guarantee

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: July 29, 2019; Verified Purchase

“When I saw an ad on Facebook about a similar – albeit more expensive – product, I knew I instantly wanted to try this mat. I go to physical therapy regularly in order to treat neck and back pain. I also am a frequent acupuncture user. This mat is a little different from traditional acupuncture. It uses tiny little spikes to stimulate nerve endings. Personally, this has truly helped and relieved my pain, in a variety of spots, no less. The sensation of the spikes will differ depending on how you use it. For example, if you lay on the mat on a hard floor with no shirt on, you’re getting the full effect, and it’s INTENSE! However, if you lay on a hard floor with a shirt on your back, it will be a little less intense. For me, I like to position it on my mattress and lay on it barebacked. The soft mattress lessens the intensity of the spikes, even though I am barebacked. I will use this mat on my feet if they hurt – as a teacher, I am on my feet all day and standing on this mat brings me relief within 10 seconds. I also like to use it on my back, neck, and legs. Remember, this is only one mat – obviously I am not using this product on all of those places at once! I position it depending on my needs for the day. Also, this particular kit comes with a neck pillow, which is very useful if I want to use it on just my neck, or if I want to combine it with the full mat for a longer range. Not going to lie, I recently was diagnosed with TMJ, and there are times when the pain in my jaw is borderline unbearable. I will sometimes lay with my face against the neck pillow, and it will help to loosen up my TMJ. This is admittedly a unique and different way to treat pain, but if you’re curious to give it a try, I totally recommend it.”

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: August 12, 2019; Verified Purchase

“I did some research before I ordered this acupressure mat to help with back, neck and shoulder issues. I would have given this a higher rating except the advertised carrying case doesn’t exist. Do they mean the cardboard box it comes in? I even checked the question and answers section and was informed a case is included. Wrong. I wanted to contact the company but their website barely functions. When I clicked on it I received a “malicious link” warning and was never able to pull up their website. I will never purchase one of their products again because of this.”

Overall Customer Rating (as of 01 November 2019):
4.3 out of 5 stars

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#5. Prosource Fit Acupressure Mat and Pillow Set for Back/Neck Pain Relief and Muscle Relaxation

These cushioned mat and pillow are covered in thousands of plastic needle points to promote restoration throughout your body.

Lying on your stomach facilitates recovery after workouts, aids digestion, and promotes circulation in respiratory muscles.

You can also sit and extend your legs on the mat for the back of thighs, or lie on the front or side of your thighs where you have any tight areas.

Gently rest the side of your face on the pillow to help relax a tense jaw.

If it’s too intense, simply place a thin sheet between the pillow/mat and your skin.

Once accustomed to the sensation, the points help muscles relax to promote better rest and destress at the end of the day.

Lie or stand on it in the morning to get blood moving to help naturally energize and wake you up.

You can experience increased blood flow, muscle recovery, and energy by using the acupressure mat & pillow for as little as 10 up to 30 minutes per day.

It can be used lying down on the floor, against a chair in a seated position, while standing or rest your feet on the pillow while seated to experience additional benefits of rejuvenation and healing of your body.

  1. Includes mat and neck pillow for ultimate comfort
  2. Almost 8,000 acupressure points
  3. Stimulates blood flow and muscle recovery
  4. Promotes rest and relaxation
  5. Available in 7 fun colors
  6. Rejuvenate your body
  7. Relax Your Muscles & Mind
  8. Relieve pain and stress
  9. Improve your rest
  10. Reduce insomnia
  11. Increase energy and circulation
  12. Made of 100% thick cotton and plant-based eco foam
  13. The acupressure mat has 6,210 acupressure points
  14. The neck pillow has 1,782 acupressure points

Worth Considering Before Buying

Customer Review: August 14, 2019; Color: Blue; Verified Purchase

“I have Fibromyalgia and Sjogrens and I have horrible back pain every second of every day. So that’s why I bought this mat.

I just received it today and decided why wait to use it. I was surprised that it is padded, because I thought it was just a flat mat. I laid down on it for 15 minutes (instructions say to start at 15-20 min then build up to longer periods of time). I flipped the pillow over because the circles were stabbing me in the head.

At first I thought what did I do. The sharp stabbing pain of those little monster circles was pretty uncomfortable. Not unbearable, though. Maybe 5 minutes in, my tailbone felt weird. It was a cooling sensation. Next my lower back was gone. No pain from the mat, no pain from muscles, just no pain. That felt really strange! My shoulders still felt the sharp stabs from the mat, but it didn’t hurt. My timer went off. I can’t lay on the floor for two minutes without my back freezing up, so I was really worried about trying to get up off the mat. Well I got up off the mat with NO issues at all and my back feels loose! My shoulders could still use some mat work and I’ll use it again later today but WOW. My upper back is covered with little red dots but that’s absolutely ok with me!

I have a large scar on my back from being burned a year ago. I was worried this mat would hurt my skin there, but it did not bother it at all.

This mat is magic. Period. It sounded too good to be true but for once it is not! If you have any aches or pains, BUY THIS. You won’t regret it. It comes with a little booklet that shows you many different ways to use it!

Worth Noting Before Purchasing

Customer Review: August 15, 2019; Color: Black; Verified Purchase

“I don’t know if I am using it wrong or what but it hurts more then pain relief. I can’t even use the pillow because it just hurts. It says to try it with clothes to adjust to it at the beginning but when I have clothes on I don’t even fit the mat. So like I said, I don’t know if I am using it right, but wished I got my money back”

Overall Customer Rating (as of 01 November 2019):
4.2 out of 5 star

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Final Thoughts

If your body is in pain allover,

you can’t sleep and not feeling any better

after a workout or long day is over,

this situation is not easy to dwell

and it’s quite hard to handle

as you’ve got a lesser fuel

which is really so hassle

to perform any task well!

But you can start to always heal

what you really feel

if you’ve got something like the ones above here

or any related products that’s for real!

Well, as per the customer reviews apparently,

no perfect acupressure mat & pillow above can please everybody

like any other products here but obviously,

most people are so thankful and happy

as they found these worth the money!

Meantime, if you want another way to relieve any body pain,

you can visit here or here as soon as you can.

If you have any questions or need a hand,

please leave them below and then send.

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