Start or Improve your own budget home gym by having some of these best home abs equipment below which are highly considered by most fitness enthusiasts worldwide.

As a matter of fact, these belong to the best-selling fitness products online today and start checking them out…

#1. iheartsynergee Core Sliders. Dual Sided Use on Carpet or Hardwood Floors. Abdominal Exercise Equipment

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For defining your abs, synergee Core sliders are piece of equipment that’s perfect for that! These small but mighty exercise sliders are so lightweight and compact for your home workout and anywhere else you want to take them. With these sliders, your hands and feet never leave the floor and they’re creating a low-impact but so highly effective workout for your abs.

These amazing small discs can broaden the range of your workout and can also reduce your risk of injury. The fabric sides of these discs work on hardwood and tile floors while the smooth sides work on carpet.

Synergy Core Sliders engage your core muscles and you can use them as well in a variety of different exercises such as yoga, aerobic, pilates, muscle shaping and strengthening moves. The long and graceful movements are great way to increase your flexibility.


  1. Come in four ( 4 ) different colors
  2. Intensify your favorite moves like planks and lunges
  3. Condition and strengthen your whole body
  4. Double-sided to ensure a great exercise whether you are at home or anywhere else

#2. Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller for Core Workouts

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The Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro helps to increase muscle growth and aid you to have a well defined abs and arms. This features a built-in resistance and a kinetic engine that comprised of a durable carbon steel spring that gives resistance on the roll out and roll back routine to amplify abs and arms workouts.

This ab wheel roller has been designed to strengthen deep core muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis and thus helps as well to strengthen muscles in the back and chest.

Besides, this great ab equipment also has an ultra-wide wheel tread which increases stability when carving left or right plus the ergonomic hand grips that help arm and core muscles to activate. Also, the handles are removable for convenient transport or storage.

This great exercise product is with durable and high-density foam knee pads for you to have a  superior comfort while you are carving.


  1. Increases activation of core and abdominal muscles
  2. Ultra-wide spherical wheel that allows you to carve left or right
  3. Increased wheel width provides balance and stability
  4. Ergonomic handles optimize engagement of core muscles and arms
  5. Handles are non-slip and removable for easy storage and transport
  6. Provides stability for the whole body
  7. Strengthens deep core muscles
  8. Increases balance
  9. Improves posture
  10. Decreases low back discomfort caused by sitting.
  11. Increases burned calories as compared to regular planks or sit up.
  12. With downloadable 21-day workout plan
  13. With 1-year manufacturer warranty

#3. Abs Stimulator, Muscle Toner – Abs Stimulating Belt- Abdominal Toner-Training Device for Muscles- Wireless Portable to-Go Gym Device- Muscle Sculpting at Home- Fitness Equipment for at-Home Workouts

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This Abs equipment is perfect for busy people that still wish to stay fit but lack of time to go to the gym and do long-lasting workouts.

You can now sculpt your abs from the comfort of your home by consuming only 15 minutes of the device twice a day in less than three ( 3 ) months.

To get the perfect abs and lose fat, all you just need to do is place the belt on your abs then choose one of the six different training modes and enjoy the feeling!


  1. No professional guidance required
  2. Lighthweight
  3. Wireless
  4. Portable
  5. Safe to use
  6. Results are guaranteed

#4. Women Waist Shapewear Belly Band Belt Body Shaper Cincher Tummy Control Girdle Wrap Postpartum Support Slimming Recovery

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This product comes in 3 belts in 1 set which is perfect in correcting your posture and great for anyone who had surgical operation resulting in loose skin and back pain or anyone woman who just gave birth to assist for the speedy recovery due to its medical compression grade and and this also helps ease transition of uterus and shrink it down to normal size.

This amazing belt thus restores your beautiful body shape as it helps you to lose weight, flattens your belly, supports your back, stomach, hips and keeps you slim.


  1. Made from high-quality stretchable and lightweight fabric
  2. Helps correct your posture
  3. Ideal for postpartum weight loss plan
  4. Flattens your postpartum belly
  5. Supports hips, stomach and back
  6. Helps speed up recovery after giving birth or any surgical operations
  7. With medical grade compression
  8. Best gift for women after giving birth
  9. Helps reduce swelling
  10. With breathable mesh fabric
  11. Doesn’t roll up
  12. Very comfortable
  13. Can be worn under clothes
  14. Wash before you first use

#5. NEOWEEK Hula Hoops for Adults-Weighted Hula Hoop for Exercise-2lb, Detachable Design- Professional Fitness Hula Hoop

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This NEOWEEK Hula Hoop helps you shape your sexy waist line and trains you to make balance and coordination on your body.

This great exercise equipment is proven to help burn a large amount of calorie, increase your flexibility and lays the foundation for dancing, gym workout and many sports and fitness activities.

NEOWEEK Hula Hoop thus gives you a good exercise experience to make you slim and healthy!


  1. Easy to assemble and disassemble
  2. You can carry anywhere
  3. Suitable for kids and adult
  4. The wave sharp enlarges massaging area on the waist
  5. Concise and with fashionable appearan
  6. It looks more personalized compared with traditional hula hoops in commonly single color
  7. Perfect gift to friends and family
  8. With free gift – a cute soft ruler to measure your waistline and monitor the effect of your exercise
  9. Space-saving and convenient to store
  10. The soft foam can protect beginners and kids from waist injuries
  11. If broken within 30 days, a new hula hoop will be given for free

Note: Do not use the hula hoop within one hour before and after meals and do not put this around your neck.

#6. EliteSportz Abdominal Sit Up Pad and Gives Great Lower Back Support, Helping to Remove All The Strain, Making Sit Ups Easy – Bonus Resistance Band Included

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The Elite Abdominal Sit Up Mat is designed to quickly give you a direct burn to your abs as you perform fuller extended sit-ups while providing the ideal level of support along every inch of your spine.

This great mat helps remove all the strain and allows you to quite easily do the situps and maintain good form.

It comes with the high-quality material and with the best grade of high-density foam to ensure its durability and comfortability.


  1. Suits your spinal curves
  2. Easy to use
  3. Ideal for home
  4. With free resistance band
  5. With the best grade of high-density foam
  6. Well constructed sit up pad
  7. Strong and durable
  8. Made of high-quality material
  9. With a quality vinyl covering
  10. Access to videos on how to use your abdominal mat correctly are provided
  11. With 100% satisfaction and replacement warranty

#7. Stealth Plankster Core Trainer – Dynamic Ab Plank Workout, Interactive Fitness Board Powered by Gameplay Technology for a Healthy Back and Strong Core (Fly Yellow)

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STEALTH has been designed for home use only and it targets 29 core muscles in less than 3 minutes. This amazing product is a revolutionary
way to train your abs as it comes with a Game-play Technology that you need to focus on playing the game and scoring points, while your core and ab muscles control the movements of the game.

Thus, it is a challenging, dynamic plank workout that is highly
effective which makes no room for boring workout as you’ve got to focus on scoring points and climbing the worldwide leaderboard.

Stealth develops core strength to help improve your sports and fitness activities such as, yoga, bodybuilding, golf, tennis, baseball, football, and
basketball while reducing your risk of low back injuries.

This great product motivates both kids and adults to get off the couch and onto the Stealth for some family and friendly competition!

The Stealth Core Trainer makes planking a whole lot of fun as you can do your workout while playing the game at the same time!


  1. New portable and compact health club quality fitness product
  2. Supports up to 250-pound user
  3. Designed for home use only
  4. Includes 2 free mobile games – “Stealth Speed Gliding” and “Stealth Core Challenge 2” which are both available on Android and iOS smartphones
  5. Fits any size of smartphones for a fun engaging workout
  6. Get a strong core and a healthy back in under 3 minutes a day
  7. Makes core planking workouts fun and exciting by integrating mobile gaming
  8. features a proprietary design with 360 degree full range of motion for superior dynamic planking.
  9. Makes exercises more engaging for muscles and your brain


Abs undeniably is one of the most regarded body parts by many especially by fitness folks and the most hardest body part to workout really.

However, if you’ve got some effective abs equipment such as above that you can use at home freely, having a 6-pack can definitely be so easy!

To assist you further, you can also check these out…Home Gym Equipment For Beginners and Best Abdominal Rollers.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.