Tired and exhausted after how many days of workout? Feeling overworked with the tough training and now making excuses not to go back to the gym?

If so, you perhaps over-trained your body and need to quickly overcome workout burnout!…

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Overcome Workout Burnout (2019 Updated)

#1. You Feel Irritable

#2. You’re In Excessive Thirst

#3. You Feel Unsatisfied

#4. You Can’t Get Enough Sleep

#5. You’ve Got Muscle Soreness

Final Thoughts On Overcome Workout Burnout (2019 Updated)

Overcome Workout Burnout (2019 Updated)

You need to understand that it is so crucial to listen to your body – don’t punish and beat it up everyday!

Instead, give your body an ample time to rest if you want the most from each and every workout you do.

You are maybe feeling the symptoms below and you need to heed the factors to quickly overcome workout burnout here…

#1. You Feel Irritable

When you are excessively tired, this makes you less tolerant of everything. You can easily get upset and agitated by even the littlest of things around you.

How to overcome: Do something that makes you happy such as your passion – the things you love to do or go out and have a massage which can make you feel better.

If you don’t want to spend your time outside, best option would be – you can just soak your body in a bath tub, take a bath, apply or take some safe pain relievers then, simply nap and give your body enough time to rest and recover.

#2. You’re In Excessive Thirst

You often crave for something to drink.  Though you just had some water, juice or any liquid, you tend to ask for more.

You probably had an overtime at the gym and produced glasses of sweat which made you almost ( if not ) suffer from dehydration.

How to overcome: Drink plenty of water squeezed with lemon, eat some protein, catch some good sleep and don’t forget to bring your convenient water bottle everytime you workout to keep you hydrated.

#3. You Feel Unsatisfied

You start skipping the workout as you don’t see any huge result right away.

You stop looking forward to go to the gym as your excitement fades when you don’t see any progress.

How to overcome: Re-assess and re-set your goals and expectations then strictly follow your programmed workout, your pre & post workout foods plus your pre and post workout supplements, for better and fast results.

#4. You Start Stalling

You often make an excuse to skip workout which shows that your commitment to be in shape has been decreasing.

You can as well change your programmed workout as maybe you’re no longer challenged and start getting bored with the present one you have.

How to overcome: You can ask anyone to join you with your workout, someone who wishes to lose weight or fond of exercise too – maybe your girlfriend, spouse, friend, brother, sister or somebody else closer to you just to bring back the commitment and motivation.

#5. You Can’t Get Enough Sleep

If you have been training extra hard, insomnia and restlessness are two of the biggest symptoms of burnout. Your body can become stressed which makes sleeping so difficult for you to get.

How to overcome: Have your body take a few days of rest, often stay in a quiet place, have some massage and some sleeping aids to ensure your body gets back into its regular sleeping routine.

#6. You’ve Got Muscle Soreness

It is but just normal to have muscle pains after a workout for one or two days. However, if the pains remain on the third day, you definitely are having a DOMS or delayed onset muscle soreness.

How to overcome: Don’t push thru with your next workout schedule as you need to prioritize the recovery of your muscles.

You thus need to take plenty of protein, have a break and rest your body to give way for the recovery and repair of the broken muscle tissues then, just resume your workout immediately once recovered.

This apparently disrupts your programmed workout and negatively impact the muscle-building process.

Final Thoughts On Overcome Workout Burnout (2019 Updated)

Symptoms above can be avoided if you know how to prioritize the factors needed for your post workout recovery and below are some recommendations:

1. Ensure you have enough carbs and protein in your body especially after the workout and during the muscle recovery period

2. Do some moderate cardio exercises at the final stage of your workout

3. Eat potassium-reached foods like banana

4. Make sure you are well-hydrated

5. Do some active recovery such as stretching, push-ups, walking, running, biking, etc.

6. Catch some sound sleep

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.