AVOIDING the foods you should NOT eat especially when you are into fitness is equally important as TAKING your  “Pre and Post Workout Foods” .

Yes, considering these really matter a lot to ensure all your time, effort, money and grueling workout won’t be wasted.

I have prepared here a list of ” 5 FOODS TO AVOID EATING ” as I would like your entire workout experience at the gym, at home or anywhere else to be effective and productive until you’ve reached that fitness goal you have set to achieve for your self – a sexy body, just a bit chubby or a face looks like a baby, LOL!

Here they are:

1. Dairy Products

Delicious! But sorry, it’s a no-no! You need to avoid these as they could lead to tummy trouble and intestinal cramping while you are running or busy pumping weights at the gym.

2. Fried And Fatty Foods

Yummy! You are surely craving for these especially just after your tough workout. Regret but greasy foods like french fries, burgers, nachos, pizza, etc.. should be strictly avoided as they have saturated fats not easy to digest and can lead to diarrhea or bloating especially if you want to lose weight and do cardio exercises.

Your aim is to reduce fats and not to add more – so, you just really need to ignore them.

3. Spicy Foods

As we all know, some folks can’t even eat without a little kick in their meals. However, these may trigger a bad case of indigestion and you might end up feeling uncomfortable especially if your body starts moving during your exercise.

4. Salty Foods

Eating salty junk foods like pop corn and potato chips can’t really do anything good to reduce some of your fats. You have to totally stop eating such kind as these lower the level of  ‘potassium’ which plays a vital role for the recovery and development of your muscle in the body especially after your workout.

5. Sugary Foods And Drinks

As you are definitely feeling thirsty after your intense workout and crave for any sweets like soda, shake and energy drinks, chocolate or candy, you really have to fight this craving if you’re aiming to lose weight as these lower the effect of your body’s metabolism and you can’t at all recover the nutrients consumed during your tough workout.

Final Thoughts

As you have just been reminded of these foods that are really detrimental to your body and health, you perhaps realized why you need to seriously avoid these especially when you are into fitness and want to achieve your fitness goal as fast and effective as possible.

Thus, your discipline, choice and decision really matter a lot for your entire journey to have a fit and healthy body.

I do believe like many others, you can definitely do this!

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If you ever need a hand and have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave them below and I am more than happy to help you out.