As normally observed, some exercisers usually postpone their workout sessions because they are so busy, exhausted after too long office hour duty, traffic ( for those who live in the city ), with dates, appointments and some other procrastination.

However, some seemingly intend to no longer do the workout because they don’t see any results ( even just a single ab ) despite of their hard work which is really frustrating after all the effort, time, sweat and money spent for their dreams to look younger and slimmer.

The reality is, there are lots of counter-productive workout habits they unconsciously partake that are actually sabotaging their workout progress.

You have to know what are these workout mistakes to avoid, so you will have a better and productive workout from now on.

Let me start with…

1. Strike Anywhere

You hit here, you hit there, you are hitting everywhere without any plan in advance what exercises you are going to do and what particular muscle group you are gonna be targeting.

To avoid this habit, you should always plan ahead, ask yourself and feel what workout your body needs so you would know what body parts you should be focusing with.

2. Eager To Lift Heavier Weights

There seems to be a misconception of the saying, “the heavier you lift,  the faster your muscles grow”. This belief is being adapted especially by some newbies who wanted to lift heavier weights at once as soon as they are at the gym floor.

However, that is not always so as what you first need to consider much is your safety – you have to do this step by step for you to avoid possible injuries.

Hence, just lift the proper amount of weight you can and then increase it slowly once your body can handle more weights. You always need to put this in mind for you to avoid any harm from happening similar to below who has been…

3. Working Out Too Long

This gym habit is indeed risky as working out too long can harm your body and lead you to injuries due to exhaustion, dehydration and lost of energy.

It is a known fact that some gym goers have the belief that “the longer you workout, the more muscles you gain” which is the other way around because muscles won’t actually grow once over-trained.

Some gym fanatics apparently fail to recognize the necessity of recovery between workout sessions and insist their all-for-nothing habit. They don’t seem to consider that when muscles are hardly broken, optimum result of workout can’t be instead achieved.

4. Talkative

There are these gym goers who love to talk and talk and talk if not on their cellphones, with their gym buddies while others are busy lifting and pumping weights. You can see them in every corner of the gym  looking for anyone they can chat and laugh with. They’re not at all ashamed that they are bothering others’ focus and concentration.

If you are this type, you can’t definitely gain any muscle or lose weight but you are just wasting your penny and time.

5. Executing Reps Too Fast

You can often notice this every time you are at the gym floor.

Some exercisers seemingly have to rush often as if they need to catch an urgent flight at the airport or have to go to the toilet for something.

If you want to be benefited the most, you need to execute every rep slowly but surely.

6. Too Much Time On Cardio

You don’t need to spend more time on cardio session if you aim to gain muscles and improve your strength so you can still have enough energy to pump and lift weights taking into consideration that cardio training can consume your reserved energy and this definitely limits the amount of intensity you can exert while on weight training.

Moreover, you as well need to note that cardio trainings can even consume your hardly gained muscles. In order for you to have even more or just maintain that strong and sexy muscle, you need to allocate much of your energy on weight training rather than the cardio.

7. Physically Present But Mentally Absent

This is another dangerous workout mistake at the gym – you are lifting heavy weights but your mind is anywhere else. You are perhaps day dreaming or thinking of some life challenges.

However, if you decide to have your workout session at the gym, you have to make sure that you don’t bring any office or personal issues and think of these over and over while doing the lifting.

You have to put your mind and focus in every exercise you execute to avoid any harm or injuries to happen and have a better workout session.

8. Feeding Your Muscles Before And After Workout Are Out Of Your Plan

The necessity of workout foods ( as emphasized in my other article – Pre And Post Workout Foods ) indeed play a major role throughout your effort in achieving your workout goal.

Never take these out of your workout plan as they are the ones responsible in fueling your body, recovering, repairing and building your muscles which simply means everything won’t be effectively realized without these two powerful couple – the carbs and protein.

If you don’t have much time to prepare for the fresh meals, there are lots of supplements in the on-line market to choose from which give you equal benefits and in fact more practical and convenient especially for the busy folks.

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re an old timer or a just a newbie in the fitness world, you always need to learn the right stuff for a safer and more effective workout.

For those who feel like quitting, it’s never too late for another try and let’s do it the right way this time around.

In case you’re suffering from workout burnout, learn how to overcome and click here so you can soon head back to your gym or home workout routines.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I am more than happy to help you out.