To have a fit and healthy body is not actually all about working out at the gym alone – this should be coupled with the “right nutrition” which comes from the pre & post workout foods (2019/2020) you intake to get the best possible result you’ve been aiming for.

For beginners and even some of the novices and regular gym fanatics who don’t seem to care and consider the food they intake, you need to be reminded that right nutrition plays a key role in the effectiveness of your workout.

Hence, the importance of pre & post workout foods should always be given priority as these will definitely impact the optimum results you desire to get from your most sincerest workout.

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Pre & Post Workout Foods (2019/2020)

The Pre Meal

 The Post Meal

Right Timing

What To Eat?

Be hydrated

Final Thoughts On Pre & Post Workout Foods (2019/2020)

Pre & Post Workout Foods (2019/2020)

The Pre Meal

Basically, your pre meal will be responsible in fueling your body to keep going throughout the workout session.

The Post Meal

Your post meal on the other hand, will be in-charged for the recovery, build up and improvement of your muscles.

You just need to get these meals right at the “right timing” to get the right benefits.

The Right Timing

This refers to the ideal time as to when you’re gonna take your pre and post workout meals.

For a pre-meal, ideal time to take this would be 1-3 hours before the workout session and this depends on the metabolism of your body. If you feel after an hour that you’ve already been energized by the pre-meal you have eaten, then you can start with your workout.

However, if you feel that the food isn’t digested yet after an hour, you can start hitting the gym floor after another hour or two.

Meantime, post-meal ideally needs to be done within 30 minutes after your workout to immediately replenish the energy consumed throughout and the nutrients from these would already start working for the recovery and build up process of the muscles.

What To Eat?

You actually don’t need any nutritionist’ assistance here as this is so simple as 1+1 = 2.

You just need to often plan the food you are gonna eat and ensure to have a combination of meals that contain carbs and protein nutrients for your pre and post workout and you can definitely have the optimum result you expect.

Here are samples of some common foods with good source of both carbs and protein:









Vegetable, etc…


hard-boiled egg

Soy milk

Low fat milk


Greek yogurt which also contains carbs



Tofu, etc…

Be hydrated

Before proceeding to the gym or anywhere else you’d like to do your workout, it’s important to always hydrate your body prior to this so you won’t be having a hard time and you can quickly release the toxins inside your body through the easy-flowing sweats coming out while doing your intense exercise.

Thus, don’t ever forget to bring with you your water as you workout, to replenish right away the fluids coming out from your body to keep you hydrated and effectively get through the workout sessions.

Final Thoughts On Pre & Post Workout Foods (2019/2020)

Deciding what to eat before and after your workout is indeed a crucial responsibility not to ever miss out if you want to have an effective workout.

The first thing to figure out is when to eat. Your body needs something more on carbs and you should have enough time ( 1-3 hours ) to digest what you’ve taken in, prior to your workout.

Meantime, post workout nutrition which is more on protein should be eaten as soon as your workout has been done or within 30 minutes because if you delay eating this, your muscles can hardly recover and develop as your body starts to take these muscles you just worked so hard to use them instead as energy for the entire day.

To assist you further of your diet, you as well need to learn about The 5 Foods To Avoid Eating (2019) as well as the proper supplements to take, for best results.

Below are the links for the best pre and post workout supplements for both men and women that you can check out:





If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.