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Pre & Post Workout Foods To Eat (2021)

The Pre Meal

 The Post Meal

Right Timing

What To Eat?

Be hydrated

Final Thoughts

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Pre & Post Workout Foods To Eat (2021)

To have a fit and healthy body

is not all about working out at the gym only.

This should be coupled with the “right nutrition”

to get the best from your workout session!

Every beginner,

or even an old timer

should always consider

the importance of workout foods ever!

They play the key roles actually,

to achieve your fitness goals easily.

Hence, nutrition should be given priority

if you want to see

any results quickly!

The Pre Meal

Your pre meal will be responsible basically,

in fueling your body,

to keep you going, with full energy

throughout your workout activity.

The Post Meal

While your post meal will be in-charged immediately

for the muscle growth, improvement and recovery.

Taking both meals, you need the “right timing”

to get the benefits they bring

and maximize the nutrition they’re offering!

The Right Timing

This refers to the time that’s ideal

for your pre meal and post meal

which really is a big deal

to realize and feel

the result that’s real!

For a pre-meal, the time to take this ideally

would be 1-3 hours normally.

But this depends usually

on the metabolism of your body.

After an hour and you can feel already

that you’ve got the energy,

you can start with your workout fully.

However, if the food isn’t yet digested after an hour or two,

just wait a little until the effect hits you.

Post-meal apparently,

needs to be taken immediately

after your workout ideally,

to replenish the consumed energy.

The nutrients would already start working

for the process of muscle building

while it is recovering.

What Foods Should I Eat?

You actually don’t need any nutritionist’ assistance anymore

as it is so simple as 4+4.

You just need to often plan

what foods need to be prepared and done.

It should always contain carbs and protein,

so quick results can be seen.

You can see samples of some common foods below

with good source of both carbs and protein and they are as follow:


  • Rice
  • Oatmeal
  • Bread
  • Potato
  • Fruit
  • Cracker
  • Pasta
  • Vegetable, etc…


  • hard-boiled egg
  • Soy milk
  • Low fat milk
  • Nuts
  • Greek yogurt which also contains carbs
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Tofu, etc…

Be hydrated

Before proceeding to the gym

or anywhere else you’d like to trim,

it’s important to always hydrate your body,

before any intense activity.

This way you will release fully,

every toxin inside of you quickly,

through the sweats that come out easily.

Don’t forget to bring ever a bottle of water,

so you would have something to drink after,

to replenish the lost fluids quicker,

be hydrated and feel better!



Final Thoughts

Deciding what to eat regularly

before and after working out your body,

is a crucial responsibility.

This should not be ever miss out,

if you want to have an effective workout.

Your body needs something more on carbs,

and they should be digested in one to three hours.

While post workout nutrition

should be taken just after your fitness session.

This must be more on protein

and if you delay eating,

results of your workout can hardly be seen.

Meantime, for better nutrition to follow,

and faster results to show,

you can combine or take alone the supplements below:





If you have any questions or need a hand,

leave them below and send.

I’ll be happy to help with the best I can.