As fitness centers have always been fully-packed of gym enthusiasts to get into shape, it would be great to remind everyone (especially the newbies) of some gym etiquette or the so called, The Gym Dos and Don’ts that would ensure everybody will have a better, happier and safer gym experience throughout the entire workout!…

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The Gym Dos & Don’ts [Updated 2020]

The Gym DOs

At The Weight Area

At The Cardio Area

At The Locker Room

In the Shower Room

The Gym DON’Ts

At The Weigth Area

At The Cardio Area

At The Locker Room

In the Shower Room

Final thoughts

The Gym DOs & DON’Ts [Updted 2021]

The Gym DOs

At The Weight Area

Do wear proper gym attire

Do have fun and take it easy

Do smile and be friendly

Do assist and be helpful especially to the newbies

Do think of your groom and smell

Do respect and follow fitness center’s rules

Do check your blood pressure and whole condition first

Do start with some warm-ups and stretchings

Do ask for any assistance if you’re not familiar with a particular equipment rather than put your self at risk

Do wipe your sweat off and don’t let it fall down on the gym floor

Do wipe your sweat off from the machine every after use as courtesy to the next user

Do reset the weight machines back to its original low setting

Do share a space especially if the gym is crowded

Do limit your time on the machine especially when someone is waiting

Do keep your phone closed or leave it in your locker so you can focus

Do keep going and avoid long rest so you won’t feel sleepy

At The Cardio Area

Do bring your workout water bottle but don’t drink while treadmill is running

Do bring your towel and hold the machine handle while wiping your sweat for your safety

Do set the treadmill up to your speed limit only

Do share the machine timely to someone who is waiting

At The Locker Room

Do observe proper hygiene

Do behave and observe silence

Do keep your locker closed

Do keep your locker clean

Do fix your used workout clothes properly and don’t hang anywhere

Do your grooming privately

Do change your workout clothes in private

Do share the chairs and tables to others

Do your share to keep the locker room clean



In The Shower Room

Do take your shower quickly especially if someone has been waiting outside

Do place the empty bottles / sachets of your soap / shampoo / toothpaste in the garbage bin

Do keep the shower door locked when inside

Do close the faucet tightly

Do fix back the shower curtain properly

The Gym DONT’s

At The Weight Area

Don’t forget to bring your workout water water bottle

Don’t be too serious – be approachable

Don’t workout directly but do some warm-up and stretching first

Don’t workout if you’re not feeling well

Don’t fail to check your blood pressure and consult the gym nurse / doctor once necessary

Don’t workout right in front of the dumbbell rack to keep it accessible to others

Don’t drop the weights excessively after every set so you won’t disturb others and you can’t harm your self or someone else near you.

Don’t leave weights lying around after using them – put them back on the rack properly

Don’t carry loud conversations or sing while on the gym floor. It’s taking away your focus as well as others around you.

Don’t text or call between sets – it affects your focus and momentum to keep going

Don’t wear perfumes or colognes as these might affect the breathing of others near you

Don’t carry your stuff or gym bag in the gym floor – leave them in your locker

Don’t eat between sets

Don’t flex right in front of the mirror while someone behind you is doing the workout

Don’t grunt so loud as you’re not in your private gym

Don’t wear the same clothes two days in a row without washing them

Don’t keep others waiting, vacate the machine as soon as your set has been completed

Don’t monopolize but share the weights and machines

Don’t offer your advice not unless you’re being asked

Don’t stare at someone while doing his/her workout as this would make him/her feel uncomfortable

Don’t push weights you can’t handle as you might just hurt your self and get injured

Don’t ignore time limit – if the gym closes at 11PM, you have to be out of the gym floor five minutes before that.

Don’t interrupt someone in the middle of workout

At The Cardio Area

Don’t leave your workout water bottle or any of your belongings to reserve the treadmill while using other machines.

Don’t forget to carry a towel for your sweat and for wiping your sweat off from the machine

Don’t eat and drink especially when treadmill is running

Don’t keep others waiting, vacate the machine as soon as you’re done

Don’t do stunts or dance while treadmill is running as you might fall off and that could be quite embarrassing

Don’t over speed the machine – know and set your speed limit

At The Locker Room

Don’t be too comfortable in wearing just your underwear around the locker room

Mind your own locker

Don’t spread out your clothes and toiletries across the tables and benches

Don’t keep your locker open

If the locker is free, don’t be locker-savvy and use only one for you.

Don’t sit and stay too long and give way to others who just arrived / finished the workout

Don’t hang your used clothes anywhere such as workout leggings, tank tops, shorts, etc…

In The Shower Room

Don’t be too long in cleaning up as if you’re at home

Don’t leave any empty shampoo bottles / sachets on the floor

Don’t leave the shower faucet open

Final Thoughts

Above are just some of the Gym Dos and Don’ts you should always consider and remember. There are still a lot you can add on the list and you’re gonna find these out as you regularly do your workout at the gym.

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If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I’ll be more than happy to help you out.